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Hey there! I work for a Texas post total knee and joint surgical unit. 6years ago the nurse to patient ratio was 1:4 on nights(no cna, no secretary). 1:4 on days with a nurse aid. However, one... Read More

  1. by   SandraCVRN
    Ortho/medical 44 beds
    days 6:1 with pcts having 8-10 1 unit clerk
    eves 7:1 techs 10 1 unit clerk
    nights 10:1 with charge taking 4, 4 techs, no unit clerk
    that was one of the best places I have ever worked, very organized and everyone worked together, if the CNO walked thru and and call light was going off she answered it.......don't know how it is now that was 6 years ago....
  2. by   LaterAlligator
    My floor is 1 nurse : 5 patients and 2 CNA's on the floor for day and eve shift.
  3. by   RainMom
    IL ortho/surgical, 21 beds

    Days -- 5/6:1, 2 aides, charge
    Nights -- 6/7:1, sometimes 1 aide, charge may take pts

    A secretary/clerk? Never heard of it!
  4. by   none the wiser
    1:5-6 for nurses, although we often have 7-9 patients in a day due to admissions and discharges.
    1-3 techs for 28 beds
    1 charge nurse, 1 secretary.

    We max out at 6, so after that the charge nurse will take patients.
  5. by   Sewbusy~RN
    4:1 all shifts, but occasionally take a fifth if were short. At night we have 1 tech and 0-3 aides, depending on the unit census. Days usually has 1-3 CNAs (by census again), a secretary and a tech, plus volunteers are available for restocking, dropping off labs/picking up blood, etc.
  6. by   Flo.
    Days 1:5
    Nights 1:6-7

    CNAs: 1:12 on both shifts
    Secretary 9-5
  7. by   jusorthorn16
    25 bed unit
    5:1 day and night shifts
    3-4 CNAs during the day
    2-3 CNAs @ night
    1-2 unit secretaries day/night
  8. by   cskjjk
    I work in an orthopedic,neuro unit. We have a lot of surgeries. We have had 10 patients per nurse on days with 1 aide for 20 patients and a charge nurse.I am talking 7am to 7pm. Most of the time we have a ratio of 7 or 8 patients each. RN's and LPN's have same # of patients. We have so many pts coming from surgery and others discharged that we might end up charting(by hand) on over 10 patients a day. night shift 7pm to 7am has it bad also. If we do have a couple of aides scheduled, they will float one elsewhere cause they are short staffed worse than we are. I work for a "for profit" hospital in Fl. I have been a nurse a long time and this is the worst I have ever seen it.
  9. by   sistasoul
    I work on an ortho/neuro unit with other medical patients thrown in the mix like detoxers, GI bleeds, PNA, COPD and change in mental status. We get 1-5 on evenings with a secretary until 21:30 and 3 aides if the unit is at capacity of 32 patients. I have it great compared to a lot of the other posters but one confused patient or detoxer can suck all of your time up. The thing that makes the number of patients we have worse is that you still have to chart on all of them. The charting is what makes our jobs hard.
  10. by   RN beekeeper
    37 bed med-surg/ortho unit in PA. Days and Eves 1:5, Nights 1:6. Usually 3 aides (sometimes 4) day and eve. 2 aides at night. 1-2 secretaries days. 1 floating at night. Clinical mgr out on the floor 80% of the time to help.
  11. by   tiffnie46552
    Our unit has 32 beds...40 planned surgeries average weekly....RNs 1:6 techs 1:10.
  12. by   Savvy20RN
    Where I work we have 5-6 RNs with 6 patients each, 4 techs (on a good day), yesterday we had 2 for 27 people..., and 1 unit secretary.

    It's the same for nights except they have no unit secretary. They say we're the best staffed floor in the hospital...we're also the busiest so most days it feels like we need more staff...or less patients. Hahaha
  13. by   sarahsmile44
    About 5:1 ratio, a night secretary and we have 1 NA for every 10 patients =) We are 48 beds and 10 nurses. Mostly Ortho with a sprinkling of stable Med/Surg patients.