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Organization OCD


Ok I admit I have OCD so bad when it comes to organization. When it comes to my job I need to know exactly what I need to do for my clients. I always need to know how exactly my clients day goes and in what order. I am one that hates the thought of just wing it.:nailbiting:

So I heard on a local radio station of a place that is a care center for the elderly that is just ran during the day. Family members can bring their loved ones there to be taken care of for the day or a few hours, and that gives them some "me" time that they can go shopping meet a friend for lunch and not worry about their loved ones. Also the care center has great activities and they can socialize as well.

Love the thought of this place, but I do not think that my OCD would ever allow me to feel comfortable working in that enviroment. Even though I am sure they have a lengthy enrollment process and have charting to let each care giver know and understand the individuel I could not go into work every morning and not be able to organize my day because I would not know who might be walking through the doors that day and what are their needs extra. Sounds like their would be no ryme or reason to your day. You just have to wing it.:wideyed:


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Are you actually professionally diagnosed with OCD or have you diagnosed yourself?

Have you considered therapy? If this is going to paralyze you and make it impossible for you to work, you need to talk to a therapist and design strategies to relieve your anxiety and make it possible for you to be effective.

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^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^

Well I have not been dignosed and I can't say I would be paralized with fear. But I can be a worrier, and it can keep me up at nights, I can get myself feeling sick to my stomach and tied up in knots when something is not just so, or there is uncertainty about something . I like it when I can go to a clients home and there is routine. I would guess I would do ok in LTC because there is routine. I do not like to much disorganization. big messes bother me and I can't wait till it's cleaned up.

I handle my job very well thank you. I was just stating that this particular place would not be for me because I would feel disorganized and muddled. There seems that there would no routine to your day. I know what I can handle and what I can't as a job would go


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Did you read something I said as criticism? It was supposed to be helpful advice.

my apologies duskyjewel. I am thankful to you and your posts are usually always kind and sweet. So i shouldn't have thought you were being anything less.

But Sometimes poster say things that they want to give as advise but at the same time they try to critisize you and think you are trying to be a know it all and dignose yourself extra. I have posters who I will write a heart felt reply and I get that I spelt a word wrong and why I don't use spell check. Which I would love to if it would work on this dino of a lappy.

So please forgive my defensive reply and I was wrong and took your reply wrong


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The reason I asked about diagnosis is because it can be dangerous to diagnose yourself. A few sessions with a good behavioral therapist might benefit you immensely. :)

Maybe OCD is not the right words I should use. Maybe an extreme organizing freak.


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Well, hey, if nothing else your residents will have nice, clean environments! ;)

I usually am doing more then needs be when it comes to cleaning. I'll clean what they want me to clean and if I have time I am always asking hey would you like me to clean your fridge for you? (one of my favs.) There is nothing I love more then to see the crusty spills gone and clouded looking shelves sparkle nice and clean. And to throw nasty leftovers And to wipe down all the ketchup bottles with spills and sticky jelly lids all wiped off.

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Many moons ago, I worked in an adult day center. The center required that the family give 24 hours notice so, unless there was a rare emergency, we always knew who was coming in that day and usually for the whole week. It was usually the same 15 or so people who were regulars...say, every Mon, Wed & Fri, we knew Mr. Smith and Mrs. Green would be there...etc.

So even the adult day center had a routine. We had coffee hour, arts and crafts, chair exercises, music, etc all at scheduled times....

The "participatants" were never "total" care and we did get to know them and their preferences. If they were combative or frequently attempted to leave the center on their own, we weren't able to continue to serve them and their family.


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AH, yes, I identify with the thrill of making everything sparkly clean and neat!

That said, if you work as a CNA in LTC now I can't see how working in an adult daycare could possibly be any harder for you. I work evening shift at an LTC. I come in to work, make plans... and God laughs. Nothing EVER goes as planned! I am always flexing here, flexing there, getting pulled off by a coworker who needs help, a distraught family member, a nurse demanding I pick up a wad of poo that a resident threw onto the floor when she went in to check a dressing... you know how it goes.

mvm2, give yourself credit! If you can work in LTC you can work in an adult daycare. (My facility has long-term care, transitional care, assisted living and adult daycare services.) You'll probably have a regular crew you get to know well and perhaps a few less frequent or regular folks but I'd be surprised if it were anywhere near as crazy as working float. Just guessing of course. And so will you be unless you check it out to find out whether there is any basis to your fears. Go on, you have nothing to lose... and lots to gain.



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AH, yes, I identify with the thrill of making everything sparkly clean and neat!

LOL when my genes were sequenced, this one got missed. I clean because I have to, and only because I have to. Thank goodness there are people like you and the OP who go the extra mile and make up for us minimalists! ;)