Chemeketa 2017 RN entrance

  1. Anyone else applying for the 2017 entrance? I'm taking CHEM 110 and BIO231 this fall, and hoping to take BI 232, 233, PSY 201 and CIS 101 this winter before applying. I already have a bachelors degree which should cover the other pre-reqs. Do you basically have to have a perfect score to get in? Does anyone know more about it? Their information is so lacking!
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  3. by   gere7404
    Quote from kbaum91
    Do you basically have to have a perfect score to get in? Does anyone know more about it? Their information is so lacking!

    From what I know, Chemeketa uses a different points system than the standard OCNE points most other Oregon colleges and universities use to determine acceptance. You don't need to have a perfect score, but it is definitely a points game. You want to have as many as possible when you throw your name into the hat -- it looks like if you get an A or B in most of those classes and do well on their pre-nursing test you should be a competitive applicant.
  4. by   maggiefrancis
    Can you take 232 and 233 in the same term? I didn't know we could do that. Who do you have for your bio teacher? I go to Chemeketa too
  5. by   sbaker47
    BI 232 is a pre-req for 233, so you cannot take them concurrently.
  6. by   sbaker47
    I'm also applying for the 2017 program. I am in BI233 and PSY 201 this term and finishing off with BI 234 and PSY 237 in the winter. If everything goes well these next two terms I will have full points going in (minus alternate). I figure the majority of people applying will have full points going in and it will all come down to the Kaplan exam that we all have to take.

    My first choice is CCC but I am also applying to the OHSU program. They do not award points for any classes taken after Fall term ends so I will not have full points I think there, but I have so many other classes required for a BSN done already along with 14 years of healthcare experience.

    It would be amazing to get in on the first time applying but I am not going get my hopes up. If I don't get in this first time around I will continue to take anything I can to make me that much closer to finishing my degree.

    The worst part about all of this is I have a guaranteed job once I have that RN license but I just need to get in!
  7. by   rlargen2
    I am also applying for the 2017 year. I applied last year and was one of the alternates for 2016. From what I learned, because of the Kaplan's test making the huge difference for the points, you don't have to get all A's to get in. I knew a few nursing students from this year who had Cs and still got in. The average on the Kaplans seemed to be in the low 70s as well.
  8. by   carajoy79
    I'm applying to Chemeketa this year~ I have taken all the pre-req's except for the genetics component, so I'm taking BI 102 to cover that. I'm also applying at OHSU Monmouth and didn't know that they don't look at pre-req's after the fall term until I read this thread, so now I think it might be a waste of time. I have everything except for Stats, so I am taking MTH 111 this term as well to get into Stats this spring. Ugg. Oh well. I guess if I don't get in this year to Chemeketa, I'll be able to apply to OHSU next year as well.

    Is anyone doing a study group for the entrance test? What are you using to study? It was suggested to me to go over a SAT study guide~ plus the Kaplan study guide (4th edition).
  9. by   maggiefrancis
    For me, I'm using the Kaplan study guide and khan academy online to brush up on my math and SAT prep like questions. From what I've heard, I don't think this test will be as hard as the SAT, but I definitely want to be as prepped as possible. I was going to also apply for OHSU Portland but I've decided on applying to the Monmouth campus instead in addition to Chemeketa and Linfield.
  10. by   carajoy79
    Application week! Hope everyone is able to get it submitted and take a deep breath that we're one step closer Now to keep digging into the Kaplan topics...
  11. by   rlargen2
    Just sent in my application!
  12. by   danV
    Anyone have some insight on why the suggest the 4th edition of the Kaplan study book? I have been studying out of the 7th edition and I can't see why that would put me at a disadvantage.
  13. by   rlargen2
    They are pretty much the same book. Last year my sister had the 6th addition and I had the 4th and we compared. The only difference was they had the practice numbers in a different order.
  14. by   rlargen2
    I just signed up for the Nurse's entrance exam! Taking it on April 7 at 1 pm. When is everyone else taking it?