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melanie (RN)

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okie tell me step by step .....

so i can apply for NCLEX on my own .... then i go to saipan to take exam.... then i go for VISA Screening ... then apply for VISA.... then i located a hospital which will take me in then i go for interviews... but how Singapore....so far from USA ... every flight cause me 1000 and above.... AND by the way , how much actually i need to bring to survive till my first pay....

thanks a millions for all the informations....

Cause nobody in US ... so got thousands and thousands Questions to ask...


suzanne4, RN

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You cannot apply for a grren card for yourself. A hospital has to make a petition for you. There are hospitals that will pay for your ticket over, etc.

Worry more about getting all of your exams completed, finding a hospital is the easy part. You do not apply for NCLEX exam until you have applied to a state's Board of Nursing and have received a letter from them giving you permission to take the exam ,called an ATT letter.


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hi there.i am a nurse in canada who would like to move to the states.i just filed for our citizenship and hopefully,before the year ends we will be one so i can be covered under the NAFTA agreement.my question is how will it apply to my family.what will their status be when we get approved?i'll gladly appreciate replies.


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Having gone to the US with a company who's model was the same as OGP I can say the model is not the best model to go with, for nurses wanting to go the US. Try AtlasMR, they seem really informative and friendly.

For all you overseas nurses wanting to nurse in the states - I say DO IT, IT will be the BEST thing you ever did! The expereince and positions I have been offered are far greater than I would ever have got in the UK!!!



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Hi! also heard of OGP but before they even entertain u, they would still require at ;east 2 years of hospital experience. had my exams done already. Can u suggest of hospitals that directly petition foreign nurses? Thanks...It will eb of great help. It's been three months already since i finished my NCLEX but haven't found the hospital to petition me, unless i'll go over the agency. Please help me...Thanks a lot!!!


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Sorry, but I think that due to retrogression, hospitals are not hiring directly. I think your best bet is to go with an agency, but its still going to be a while before you get over here, again due to the retrogression issue


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OGP are a bunch of nurse cheating crooks. Stay away from them!


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Any opion on Avanthealthcare pofessional goo or bad


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I am not a nurse yet and waiting to start my access to nursing course in September,but once qualified as a RN wish to work in US.Browsing on the net I have found the name of two agencies but I am not sure if they are any good,and I am not even qualified yet to contact them.

Hope this helps some of you looking for agencies.The best of luck to all of you.



Please would you let me know,if they are any good.Thanks.

instant mami

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is o grady peyton that bad?? Im a nurse from the Phil. I recently attanded their Orientation.. The Agency seem to ok..


Silverdragon102, BSN

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is o grady peyton that bad?? Im a nurse from the Phil. I recently attanded their Orientation.. The Agency seem to ok..


Have you tried a search on them here in the site. They have a very high cancellation fee and plenty has been discussed in the UK forum

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