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i agree with you all...really they are unfriendly..In my situation they even advised me to stay away from family to be in acute care settings so that I will be marketable for them..I have already enrolled with them and now finding no way to get away from OGP. Is anyone ever tried to break the contract with OGP??


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hi! thanks for sharing the info about o'grady peyton agency. i was about to sign up to the said agency. i never expected such bad reviews. Can you suggest any good/reliable agencies? thank you very much.


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I am a US citizen. Worked for OGP as a traveler in Calif. Had completed the assign. and had just signed an extension when I had medical problems and was unable to finish extension. (I later had to have foot surgery). I informed them immediately, was trying to pack up as quick as possible and they expected me to be out of housing the next day. They told me if I wasn't working they were not making money and I was lucky I got that much notice. They are the worst, sent mgmt to my room the next day beating on the door saying I had to get out. Would never work for them or any of their sister companies again!


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Can you tell us about your experience in the US?? are you still over there??

How is it going for you?? Tks


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So glad I found this thread. There is no way I will work for OGP. Thanks for all the updates over the years. I'm an RN working in Florida. What do you want to know about the States?


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What is the website for the us British nurses agency please xc

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