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The latest issue in our OR is if people should be allowed to wear their own scrub jackets. A few "team leaders" have started to do it, and now some other people are wanting to do so as well. Then... Read More

  1. by   bjsmsn
    Originally posted by KarenHalse
    I would like to know if anyone of you have to provide your own scrubs for the OR. I interviewed for the OR in B'ham (travel job)and I was told I would have to provide my own scrubs. I thought this was unusual...I didn't think to ask about laundry and such....totally unprerared for that one...

    We aren't allowed to wear any part of the OR "uniform" that wasn't done by the hospital laundry because home laundering couldn't be done in water hot enough to kill any bacteria. That must be why AORN doesn't condone the practice. So our director nixed the idea of each staff member doing their scrubs and jackets at home. Everyone who comes into our OR is mandated to wear hospital approved attire for the OR and that is only scrubs that are provided by the hospital
  2. by   carcha
    in england we are provided with scrubs and it would be frowned on if we took them home and to be honest who would want to. when i finish work i cant wait to take them off, shower and change into my own cloths. nor would i be happy if i sat next to someone on public transport and he/she was wearing scrubs. i feel nurses should not leave the hospital with uniforms on as you may put someone at risk and it could be me!
  3. by   Chrislynn2003
    WE wear hospital scrubs and bring our own scrub jacket of which we are supposed to wash everyday.
  4. by   DawnRN36
    Where I work, they USED to provide scrub jackets to wear until "they" in cost containment decided to not provide them anymore and allow us to wear our own...we can take them home to launder. I personally think OR attire is joke where i work...ALL the attendings and residents wear scrubs in and out of the hospitals all day everyday and do not change to go into the OR.
  5. by   kathyann
    We wear only the scrubs laundered by the hospital, and hospital provided and laundered jackets.
  6. by   latelanie
    I am wondering, since some hospitals allow OR workers to provide their own scrubs, can any kind be chosen; examples skirts are dresses instead of pants, and jumpsuits scrubs? Also what attire is allow in sterile field, can skirts are dresses scrubs be worn under sterile gowns etc. Thanks I am asking since I will be starting Surgical Tech program in January and I don't wear pants. Religious reasons. Any help will be welcomed.
  7. by   SnowieRN
    Originally posted by Flynurse
    But what is with OR people wearing those surgical gowns for jackets??? I know you guys get cold, but....ummmm.....don't you peeps realize that you look like you should be in The Matrix with those gowns flowing in the air while walking down the hall? Dodging flying sponges and surgical instruments???

    P.S. this was a good excuse to use the above smilies!

    :roll :chuckle That caught me off guard
  8. by   Ferret
    Hi All,

    In 4 years of OR nursing the only take home scrubs I've seen are cloth hats, and some warmup jackets. Who would want to take home bloody scrubs? (literally and figuratively) Yuck, let the hospital do the washing.

    Ausralian hospitals that I've seen either ask staff to change into fresh scrubs every time they enter the suite, or wear white long- sleeved gowns and different overshoes if they need to go outside the suite. All staff are expected to change out of scrubs to leave the hospital.
  9. by   NeuroNP
    Speaking of OR dress, what is the standard regarding how you dress at your facility? I'm a student who has shadowed anesthesia (I want to be a CRNA) in 3 hospitals and there was a different policy in each.

    The first (community) required OR scrubs (not your own, I got yelled at! :-) in the suite, but didn't require caps until you were in the room. Masks only had to be worn when the pt was open, prior to incision and after closure and dressing, you didn't have to have a mask on. Shoe covers were also not required but opional.

    The second and third were both teaching hopitals. One required OR scrubs (although one of the senior anesthesia attending and one of the surgery attendings always seemed to have on scrubs of a different color...), caps, shoe cover, and masks from the moment you walked into the suite.

    The third required all that and added the stipulation that when you left the suite, you HAD to remove shoe covers, caps and masks and cover up with a long lab coat or one of those long OR gowns.

    So, what's the deal? What do you do?

    And as an aside, I prefer to leave my cap on the entire day because I get serious "cap head"! Any males have that problem and know a good solution?

  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    A water bottle to spray your hair would lessen the caphead issue.

    (And we're not allowed to wear jackets from home in the OR.)
  11. by   TracyB,RN
    To the poster about not wearing pants for religious reasons....If you work OR, there is a high chance for fluids to splatter, on the floor, your legs, wherever. I would wear the pants. I don't think hose would provide enough of a barrier to protect your legs. I'm sure God would forgive you for keeping your legs covered while working in surgery.