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  1. Hi, Im new here and wanted to ask if anyone here works in an ob-gyn OR unit. If anyone has experience in that particular field of perioperative nursing it would be great if she/he could share some information on how its like, pros and cons.
    Thanks :spin:
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  3. by   mikethern
    Almost all operating room nurses have OBGYN surgery experience, but many hospitals perform C-sections at the L&D unit instead of the operating room.

    GYN surgery is similar to general surgery - not difficult.
  4. by   TracyB,RN
    Wear shoes without holes... Vag preps can be a tad on the messy side.
  5. by   murjall
    Thanks for the answers. Here in Iceland the obgyn surgery is an isolated unit which also performs c sections and I just got hired there.
    And thanks for the shoe advise, I will keep that in mind when I go purchase shoes
  6. by   tessa_RN
    Yep..the shoes thing is a good idea..i want to wear shoe covers now while doing a vag. prep..I ruined a new pair of shox with betadine..The only thing I dont like is the stirrups..It gets very tiring putting the stirrups up and taking them off the bed, etc..especially if it is quick cases.i dont mind scrubbing ob-gyn cases..I love c-sections..
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from TracyB,RN
    Wear shoes without holes... Vag preps can be a tad on the messy side.

    Not to mention the saline from hysteroscopies.
  8. by   crackerjack
    Yep, OB is in L&D here also. On rare occassion we'll have a C/S in the main. We had one here while back because the mom had ??ovarian cancer?? I dunno, was something either known to be or suspected as cancer and needed frozen sections and some other stuff not done in L&D
  9. by   thenurse2006
    i also like to wear plastic apron over my scrub suit when assisting in cs and a shoe cover is a good idea for me too as it would keep my shoes off the blood on the floor.
  10. by   suzanne in hawaii
    congratulations on your new job
    A few ideas - if you have a patient with back problems be aware of positions she can tolerate.
    always check pregnancy tests, availability of blood for cancer cases,blood consents, and that the consent contains everything the md may be doing, sometimes they will mention possible procedures to the patient, and the office may not have put them on the admitting orders. Of course it is a great help to quickly learn how to troubleshoot your monitors etc. The cons to this type of nursing are being called in for a stat c section in the middle of the night and racing to the hospital. The pros are many.........the patients really appreciate your efforts to reduce thier anxiety and make them comfortable. Good luck
  11. by   Mermaid4
    Hi there, this sounds like the place to ask the question I have...I had to scrub the other day in OB and thank fully, didn't have a seizure because it wasn't emergent, but as long as I have been in OB, I still can't keep the instruments straight. Is there a manual or good reference book that isn't a hundred years old that I could buy to refer to in case (and when) gulp, I have to do it again? Once I got through it and discovered I actually lived, I think it would be ok to do it again. I realize you have to do it to get used to it, but the OR still mostly comes to our sections, although we are orienting to scrubbing and circulating. It would just help if I could get some pointers on preference for set ups, what kind of instrument is what..Let me tell you, I finally figured out the kokers look like crocodile teeth, but the rest is not something I could pull out of a hat...Thanks for any info or suggestions.
  12. by   suzanne in hawaii
    Hi Mermaid 4-
    Ask one of the staff in your hospitals central service/sterile processing department to help you. They have books to order surgical instruments, with pictures that you could photocopy to learn the names. Also, there are books such as Surgical Instruments, a pocket guide. It was 39.95 at the Borders bookstore, in the nursing books section. Take care
  13. by   Crux1024
    \Is there anyway you can shadow or just maybe spend your downtime in your sterile processing dept?? The people there can teach you LOADS about ins. and putting the sets together really helps out with remembering what goes inside. good luck!!
  14. by   crawlyberry
    Hi...Is there a height requirement for nurses in the OR? I am 4'11 and have heard different things. I am a nursing student and want to go in this area (or wound care), but I dont want my height to be a disadvantage. Thanks.