New grad nurse starting in the Operating Room?

  1. I am going to be graduating from a local nursing program in two weeks, taking my NCLEX shortly after, and taking a position in the OR where I currently work. I wanted to get some opinions about a new grad nurse going straight into the OR. I have been working in the OR for the last six years as a Certified Surgical Technologist that I got right out of High school. I feel like the Operating Room is my home and I don't want to leave. They are holding a position for me, for when I complete my RN degree. I am just worried that I should get other experience before taking this job, but in the end want to be in the Operating Room. Would I be making a mistake in staying in the OR as a new grad, or should I take a possible job offer on the cardiopulmonary unit that I am currently doing my precepting on and having great feedback with the manager? I would like to do the best thing for my future and I am just unsure. Thanks for the feed back in advance.
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  3. by   The_Optimist
    A bird in hand is worth how many in the bush?
    Ding! We have a winner!!

    Holding a position for you is complimentary.Seems you might have a supportive bunch and you do need that to thrive as a new grad. Why create worries where there look to be none?

    I fail to understand the logic of taking a circuitous route back to where you want to be (and already are) right now.Perhaps, I might be missing something.
  4. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    I am an OR nurse and pretty much have all my nursing experience as a OR nurse. Once you leave the OR, it may be hard to get back in period, but on the other hand you are and have been an OR tech. I know that the OR doesn't allow anyone in as it takes a lot of training. Being an OR nurse is a much different job than being a tech. You have one up due to your knowledge of surgical procedures and instrumentation but the nursing world is one stressful one. I often function as a scrub tech at times as you know nurses can scrub as well. I find it to be much more relaxing than when I function as the circulating nurse. As a new grad, I think its hard however you look at it. You have some pretty good offers and with that said and with your OR experience, go for the cardiac unit. I think you would be able to get into any OR as a nurse at any time.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    Head on over and join us in the operating room forum! Rest assured, you are not the only one with a concern about going straight into the OR out of school, and many of the threads about new grads in the OR will give you a range of perspectives. Personally, I knew that floor nursing was a no-go for me and that I would have been miserable. I've been in the OR since I graduated 8 years ago, and although I've changed things up a bit, I still love my job and do it well (so I've been told).

    If you do a search on new grad in operating room, there are a lot of threads that pop up, some with good information and some with quite a few differing opinions. Only you can decide whether it's best to stay in the OR or start somewhere else. However, also keep in mind the state of the job outlook as many new grads are having difficulty finding jobs. Also, take the fact that the department is holding a position for you until graduation as the compliment it is. Obviously they value you.
  6. by   jadelpn
    Goodness, I really, really am NOT good in the OR. I am like a bull in a china shop. Apparently, sterile fields and I do not get along well. I would cry at the thought of having to work there.
    This may be your niche. And that is OK.

    What could be something cool is to do per diem in another unit of the hospital.

    Then you could get some alternate experience and change things up a bit every once in awhile.
  7. by   martymoose
    No! Don't take a floor position. Not recommended.
    You wont be missing anything. Especially if you intend to stay in OR.
    I hate it when people say " oh, you will lose your skills".Only thing you will lose by going to a cardiac floor will be your sanity.
    Good luck in OR.
  8. by   azilliRN
    If they are holding a position for in the OR, they have a lot of respect for you. In fact, you are quite lucky to have the skills you have after working as a tech. There will be some training as you transition from being a tech to a nurse. Believe me, I have the desire to work in the OR and I have applied twice at a teaching hospital and they didn't take me. I have been a nurse for four years and yet I am still battling to get in. There is a waiting list at my hospital and I have to wait for the. Next round of candidate selection which will be sometime in 2014. There is such a closeness that is not seen anywhere else. You don't need to work the floor - take the OR nurse position!
    Good luck in your upcoming nursing career :-)
  9. by   NickiLaughs
    If OR is what you want, don't waste your time on another unit. Is its own specialty, and I don't believe med surg would benefit especially with your background.
    However, if you aren't sure about OR, then I'd consider other options. But I'd take it. I think everyone is starting to realize each unit has its special skills and going to another unit for the experience is frequently becoming less beneficial than it once was.