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  1. azilliRN

    What's the deal with CNM/UNM Nursing Program?

    I live here in Albuquerque and I went to CNM for my Associates Degree in Nursing. Nursing is my second career and I also have a Masters but in Healthcare Administration. You are correct about UNM being more "book" oriented and I also had heard that their NCLEX average is lower than CNM. In fact, I would suggest pursuing CNM's program because they have more "hands on" knowledge and you will learn a lot from them. I have heard the the number of students has increased in the past few years at CNM. I think they now take 80 students all together within the first year. It is only 20 more people then when I went to nursing school. There is more of a demand now for nursing school and getting in can be a long wait. I think it is because they want to weed out those who might not be able to get through the program. How they know at this stage, beats me. Finally, I think they don't have enough teachers to teach everyone and that might be why the number of students has increased. That is just my thoughts on the subject.
  2. azilliRN

    New grad pay and schedules at a SNF?

    I can give you an idea of what it is like to work on a Skilled Unit at a local hospital. First, I work three 12 hour shifts, caring for 9 plus patients. See them? I have two different sub groups - Acute and Sub/Acute. I spend my time with those who need more medical attention. As for the rest, I put them on the back burner unless something arises. Otherwise, my time is spent elsewhere such as giving out scheduled meds, running I.V.'s, taking vital signs and handing out lots of pain medication. That is just a tip of the ice berge. I have To deal with PT, OT and the Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. My phone is constantly ringing non-stop throughout the day. I am not sure what our starting pays is because I went to the SNF on a higher pay level after two and a half years of working in a clinic. Another thing I can tell you is that it is very hard work. I'm on feet throughout my entire shift. When I do sit down it's for a bite to eat and a quick bathroom break. Charting? I do all my charting at the end of my shift. Overtime is to be expected. As with any job, it is rewarding and frustrating. If you work with a good group of nurses and who are willing to help you in times of need, you will have job satisfaction. Team work is essential if you work on a skilled unit.
  3. azilliRN

    Staffing Issues. (rant)

    Join the club. We are experiencing the same thing at my hospital. The unit needs four RN's, two for the day shift and two for nights. Almost all the Nurses on my unit are trying to transfer to other units within the hospital. We have lost six nurses within the last year - at least.
  4. azilliRN

    The Night Before Christmas on Mercy 1st Main

    Thank You, for a good chuckle! I needed it tonight :-)
  5. azilliRN

    Failed clinicals 2 weeks before finishing the RN program

    I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you, very unfortunate. Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP! You will get through it next time, in fact, you will be more confident and all the better for it in the end. This set back will make you stronger and a better nurse. Have confidence in yourself! Good luck and many blessings.
  6. azilliRN

    Anxiety on my days off!

    Try and relax and have some fun on your days off. There is nothing you can do about it once you leave work. Believe me, I have the same feelings some nights when I drive home - did I...forget to chart, tell the night nurse, and did I pass out all my medications, etc. You did the best you could, you can't ask for anything more.
  7. azilliRN

    New grad nurse starting in the Operating Room?

    If they are holding a position for in the OR, they have a lot of respect for you. In fact, you are quite lucky to have the skills you have after working as a tech. There will be some training as you transition from being a tech to a nurse. Believe me, I have the desire to work in the OR and I have applied twice at a teaching hospital and they didn't take me. I have been a nurse for four years and yet I am still battling to get in. There is a waiting list at my hospital and I have to wait for the. Next round of candidate selection which will be sometime in 2014. There is such a closeness that is not seen anywhere else. You don't need to work the floor - take the OR nurse position! Good luck in your upcoming nursing career :-)
  8. azilliRN

    Finally signing RN at the end of my signature :-)

    First of all, Congratulations! Make sure you only add the RN initials on work related documents, not on applications, checks, or personal papers. However, every once in awhile, you will catch yourself almost adding those initials after your name. I'm speaking from experience when I passed my boards 4 years ago.
  9. azilliRN

    Cardiac Progressive Care Opening

    I currently work on the skilled unit at Presbyterian's satellite hospital, Kaseman (Albuquerque). Currently, there are three day shifts open on the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit and I would like to apply for one of these positions. I am ACLS certified and I have been a nurse and at Presbyterian for over three years. Can anyone tell me what the ratio patient-nurse is and what a typical day may entail. My patient to nurse ratio is 9:1 on a typical day and I feel like I am on the verge of burn out. Any insight would be helpful before I apply for this position. Thanks.
  10. azilliRN

    from med/surg and stepdown to pre-op

    I say go for it!! Nursing is my second career and I too am looking into Pre and Post-op. it doesn't hurt to apply. So what if there are people in their 30's, it should not stop you from pursuing another field in nursing.
  11. azilliRN

    Getting a Chance

    I wouldn't mind doing an unpaid internship. The trouble is, I don't know how to get my foot in the door. I don't know anyone who would allow me to do so. I've thought about going to HR for any suggestions. However, the only way I could probably get in would be if I knew someone who worked there. I will keep asking around. Thanks again for responding to my post.
  12. azilliRN

    Getting a Chance

    I have been a Registered Nurse for three years. My career started out in Family Practice Clinic. Currently I am working on the SNF unit at a reputable hospital. However, I have been trying to get in to a specialty for the last few months. My main interests are the OR and PAC-U. I have had interviews for various positions only to be turned down. My hopes have been shattered. I feel like I am at a dead end job without any hope of getting out. I am very unhappy where I am and dread going into work. I felt I needed experience working the floor but would like a position in a specialty unit. This seems almost impossible to do and I feel trapped. What does it take to get into a specialty? Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  13. azilliRN

    What is the nurse-patient ratio where you work?

    I work on a Skilled/Acute Care Unit where the ratio is 8:1, soon to be 10:1. Hence, why I am looking for another job in a specialty area such as the OR or PACU.
  14. azilliRN

    I don't think it's going to work out...you're fired.

    We are all human and we all make mistakes! Chuck this experience up as a learning curve - easily said than done, I know. Hang in there and go for your RN. Being let go will have no impact on your license. You may have to explain the situation if you apply in the future at another job. Otherwise, if it was a short time - you could always leave it off your resume. Just a thought. Complete your prerequisites and let go. This will soon pass :)
  15. azilliRN

    ABQ VA Hospital?

    I did my precept on the Telemtry floor at nights. While I was there, the RN and I had 6 to 8 patients. Most were stable but we had two who were a challenge and therefore, we're close to the nurses station. I was told from friends who work there that they work 36 hours a week but have to work an extra 8 hour shift. They do get paid time and a half plus any extra hours they work. I must tell you, the workload can be a challenge and difficult at times. If you do work there ask a lot of questions. As for the Dr's and nurses. There are a lot of Resident Dr's and they do work well with the nurses. From what I have seen. Finally, it takes a while to get on at the VA. They do extensive Background checks and even if you do get an interview, that too takes awhile. The key here is, be patient. I couldn't wait because my Background was extensive due to the fact that I grew up overseas most of my life. Instead I took a position at Presbyterian. Good luck n your new venture!
  16. azilliRN

    What color scrubs do you wear?

    Our clinic requires RN's andLPN's wear white tops with either red, black, navy, green or purple pants. Our MA's wear the same colors in both tops and bottoms. However, a plus is that we can wear warm-up jackets with designs. It helps break up the monotony. The same goes for our hospitals, as well.