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DysrhythmiaRN11 has 2 years experience and specializes in operating room, dialysis.

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  1. DysrhythmiaRN11

    Failed AANP Then...Passed!

    Hi I just wanted to give back and provide support to anyone out there looking for answers on passing their NP boards. I want to start by saying I took my boards in July and failed. I recently just took them today, 9/8 and passed. So to start, I gradu...
  2. DysrhythmiaRN11

    Former Med Device Sales Rep Turned RN Needing advice

    Firstly, Congrats to you! I have been an OR nurse for 5 years now and the experience has been questionable at times. Its not for everyone, but my advice would be to be patient, you will learn with time. It takes about 3-4 years to become expert and e...
  3. DysrhythmiaRN11

    RN salary at RWJUH Somerset and New Brunswick

    I currently work at RWJ New Brunswick and there is a huge difference in the salary... New Brunswick will pay alot more... I guess different union negotiations...
  4. DysrhythmiaRN11

    The difference between APN and FNP in NEW Jersey

    So to clarify, the Family Nurse Practitioner will allow you to care for patients of all ages and will benefit you when trying to apply for a job.
  5. I think this is part of what's wrong with the nursing society.... People who forget that they too had to learn everything they know. I'm still waiting for half of my colleagues to retire so I can really start to enjoy nursing in the new era.....
  6. That's the thing. You are a new nurse and this Doctor is trying to make himself look good at your expense. I find that many Doctors, not all have some type of self-esteem issues and they prey on the weak. I've been a nurse for 5 years now and let me ...
  7. DysrhythmiaRN11

    Monmouth University

    How is the program? I am looking to start 2014 Fall semester for Adult NP. It seems like a good school.
  8. DysrhythmiaRN11

    New Grad RN Jobs

    yes it is hard to apply with a license let alone without one. lol. Its really not an easy journey. But if you haven't even taken the NCLEX yet, they definitely aren't interested. Don't give up your hopes so soon. Just focus on passing your NCLEX. Goo...
  9. DysrhythmiaRN11

    New Grad RN Jobs

    I've been looking to apply to jobs in other areas of nursing like med-surg so yes it is hard for me to find a job right now. With me having OR experience means that I don't have the med-surg experience that most people require. OR nursing is a differ...
  10. DysrhythmiaRN11

    The difference between APN and FNP in NEW Jersey

    Sorry, didnt realize I mixed up the abbreviations.... Yes I meant the ANP track, adult nurse practitioner. Just trying to figure out which track is better as far as obtaining jobs.
  11. DysrhythmiaRN11

    New Grad RN Jobs

    Yes I can agree with you on your insight. On the other hand, BSN is better than an Associates, some experience is better than no experience. IN this nursing world, with or without your BSN as a new grad you are going to struggle with finding a job. I...
  12. DysrhythmiaRN11

    New Grad RN Jobs

    Nursing homes are a good foot in the door. Most of the time people just want to see that you are a practicing nurse for x amount of time. The nursing home will get you to your goals...
  13. I have read many threads regarding the advanced nurse practitioner track and the family nurse practitioner track. I am a newly graduated nurse with a BSN and I have been an operating room nurse for 2 years. I look forward to starting a MSN program so...
  14. DysrhythmiaRN11

    Transferring into either Saint Peter's University or FDU

    I am also trying to find information about these two schools. I am a nurse and graduated from Penn State. I am looking to start an APN or FNP program and would like to know how the schools are.
  15. DysrhythmiaRN11

    Getting Thrown Under the Bus

    The nursing world is a throw u under the bus type of world. It sucks.... I hate nursing for that reason. Put it like this.... I am a graduate of 2011, 5 jobs in.... I finally found happiness in the operating room, but only because I don't talk to any...