I got my OR Job!!!! :)

  1. Well after my interview a month ago, it came and went and I hadnt heard anything.. the position I put in for was filled by someone with more senority... well then another one was posted, which was probably the person that got the full time, posting their 0.8, well that one came and went, in the meantime Im currently working day/nights on a surgical floor...wanted to get off the night shifts in a bad way so they had an opening for day/evening on my current floor and I put in for it and got it! That was last week....
    Well yesterday human resources called and I thought they were just calling to let me know I got the day/evening job, when they offered me the OR job!!!! I was sooo excited and speechless! I had forgotten I applied because I thought there was no way I would ever get it.... hehe
    They have to work out the schedules with the 2 managers but they think Ill be starting maybe in sept....
    I heard ill have about 9 months of training, and after that I will probably be learning how to scrub in! Im so excited.. Im also going back to school for my bachelors so I can go on and become a RN-FA ... my previous goal was to go to be an anesthetist, but changed my mind because I really like the surgical side, not the putting the patient to sleep monitoring vitals, etc....
    It shall be interesting! They told me I need some tough skin to work down there and to not take anything personally...
    I know the stress level is a lot different than my floor nursing, but I think Im a good fast learner
    Anyone have advice for a brand new OR nurse? Any special books to get to help out with learning things? etc? Thanks in advance! :spin:
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    Congrats on your new position!
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    Congratulations! Please share any cool/scary happenings with us on your experiences when you start in the or......!!!
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    Congrats and welcome to the OR! There is a book called Alexander's Care of The Patient in Surgery which is kind of the "bible" for the OR. I also recommend carrying a small notebook with you so you can write things down. A tough skin is indeed a good thing to have because things can go downhill quickly with a patient and people get tense. I love the OR and can't imagine working anywhere else. Good Luck!
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    Congrats!!!!!!!!!I am so excited for you
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    Congratulations! As previously mentioned, Alexanders is the OR bible. Another suggestion would be to join the local AORN chapter, as well as national.

    I hope this new world you are about to enter meets all your expectations. I worked in the OR, both as CST & Circulator/Scrub Nurse, for over seven years. I know your excited about your new opportunity, but it got to point where I hated the role of a Circulator. However, I do miss scrubbing-in and wish you nothing but the best in your new nursing career.
  9. by   happylush
    Yeah, I almost had a dilemma happen however... I had accepted a position the week before on the floor im currently on, but switching from day/night to day/evening... typically at our hospital once you accept a position your stuck for 3 months before you can apply again... so when they called me, the human resources lady said it shouldnt be a problem as long as the new schedule hasnt been made yet.. which it hadn't... she said it also depends on the managers... well my manager told me that she was very happy for me and thinks Ill really like it there and do a great job.. she then said im not one of the ones she wanted to see go.. but she would talk to the new manager and see when they would need me.. etc... she then went to the desk and said " yeah Im pretty sure we will be losing you" ... and seemed sad... I then felt bad in a sense because I was working with a lot of great people... good thing is that I have to finish out this current schedule before I transfer, so I will have a little more time to spend with my current coworkers before moving on to the unknown!
    Anyone else ever accepted a job then turned it down later for something else? I just keep thinking in the back of my mind that somehow its going to go against me, even though ill probably be fine.
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    Congrats!!!!I wish you much success in your career! I hope that I will also be celebating soon if I get over in this interview...Pray for me:spin:
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    Congradulations to you...I wish you much success in you new job.I hope that I can celebrate soon, long as I do well in my upcoming interview! I will keep my fingers crossed!Again GOOD LUCK:spin:
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    I turned down a job as an extern at another hospital to work in the OR and as a student..I have to say that it is one of the best decisions I made..I made it for myself and did what I think would make me happy..I wouldnt change my decision for anything..Congrats again!!!!!!!Make sure you tell us how orientation goes..I am still going through mine as a new nurse...