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  1. Does your O.R. have a Da Vinci robot yet?
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  3. by   Snowshooz
    Quote from mikethern
    Does your O.R. have a Da Vinci robot yet?
    Yes we do...use it mostly for GYN cases so far...
  4. by   MamaCheese
    Ours does. It's used mostly for prostatectomies.
  5. by   hotdog19d
    Yes, we use ours for prostates. I was just talking to the intuitive rep today about it.
  6. by   ewattsjt
    I work at a “satellite” facility, but the larger main facility has one.
  7. by   core0
    We use ours for prostates, donor nephrectomies and colorectal surgery. We're looking at donor hepatectomies.

    David Carpenter, PA-C
  8. by   eatona64
    yes, the hospital I work for has one and we've been doing prostatectomies and hysterectomies. We just returned from a Da Vinci conference held at UNC Chapel Hill and found it to be very informative even though it was geared more toward Surgeons and administration. The nurses there suggested they give more breakout sessions geared toward nursing.
  9. by   land64shark
    Yes, we have one. However it's gathering dust burried in a corner because the one surgeon that used it is gone now.
  10. by   Scrubby
    Yes we have a DaVinci as well. We really only use it for prostates .
  11. by   GrumpyRN63
    We use ours in Gyn/Onc Sx, not sure about other specialties, lots of postop complications though, I wouldn't want one used on me....xould just be the technique of the surgeon doing most of the cases :uhoh21:
  12. by   TracyB,RN
    Ummm, nope. We don't even have computer charting yet.
  13. by   Uro-DaVinci
    Yes - We have a DaVinci robot and it is used exclusively by our Urology group for prostatectomies and some nephrectomy procedures.
  14. by   poopsiebear
    We have the robot for 3+ years and we use it everyday in either urology or thoracic service. We average about 10 cases a week.

    In Urology, we do mostly prostatectomies and some pyeloplasties. Our 1st robotic prostatectomy took over 8 hours, now we can do 3 cases in a day and be done be 5 p.m.

    In Thoracic, we use the robot for a lot of our VATS, from mediastinal node dissection to lobectomy to IVOR Lewis Esophagectomy.