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OK so I have my MSN in Nursing Education from . I have been a psych nurse for 9 years & have my psych Cert as well as CARN cert. I am ready to take the next & earn my PMHNP but am experiencing difficulty finding an online school that offers PMHNP post-masters certificates & does not require you to already be a NP or take GMAT/GRE. Any insight will be helpful. TIA

Binghamton University

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Hey! I'm in the same boat as you! I'll tell you what I have so far:

I am currently enrolled in the University of South Alabama (USA). It is online but no longer meets my life situation. They only accept PMHNP students once/year to begin clinical in January. My husband became sick and was in ICU for 30 days the week before I was to start clinical. I took a break since then and decided to attend a different school with more flexibilty.

USA is a great program! The professors are responsive and I learned a lot.

I found Maryville University (MU), applied, and was just accepted to start in 8/2018. The reason MU may be better than USA is because MU has a new class every semester. This way, if my life gets crazy again, I won't have to wait another year to pick up wherever I leave off.

I have to retake Adult Assessment but am cool with that because MU requires an Assessment course with clinical hours (not required by USA). Also, MU has Psychopharm but USA doesn't. Medication is super important for me to fully understand because I don't like not knowing all of the possibilities...

Let me know how you made out!

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Thank you so much for your input. It was very helpful. I have applied to Maryville U and hope to begin in Spring 2019.

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I am still researching since I have not heard back from Maryville yet. Below is a link to a list of PMHNP programs to assist others. I know finding a program was a bit challenging for me.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs - Online & Campus ||

Im also a grad and a psych nurse looking for post masters pmhnp. I actually enrolled in a family nurse practitioner program but now I'm having second thoughts because Psych is what I know best and psych NPs are in a real high demand where I live

Drexel university will take you as well. Im doing the post masters now and I wasn't a NP when I applied


I see that only has one time admission throughout the year? is that true? I am considering post psych masters

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Nursing Degrees and Programs at University of Southern Indiana

USI also has such a program. Reasonable tuition and an overall great school.

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The university of texas at arlington

Maryville university

University of Cincinnati!

Hi fellow Alumni of . I received my postmaster's PMHNP from University of Cincinnati and I wasn't a NP.

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