Northeastern Hybrid Direct Entry Nursing Spring 2014

  1. Hi All,
    I just received news that I have been accepted into Northeastern's Direct Entry online accelerated nursing program. I am wondering if anyone else is also in the spring 2014 cohort? Just thought I would get a thread going to communicate details such as living arrangements, loans, what to expect etc.
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  3. by   bdw1001
    Hello! I will also be starting Spring 2014. I am a little nervous but overall very excited. I am going to be living in Beverly MA so the I feel I should be reasonably close for labs, clinicals etc. You?

  4. by   MollyNH
    Hi Ben, when did you find out your acceptance? I submitted my application a little over a week ago, so I should be finding out in a few days! Maybe (hopefully) I'll see you in class
  5. by   bdw1001
    Quote from MollyNH
    Hi Ben, when did you find out your acceptance? I submitted my application a little over a week ago, so I should be finding out in a few days! Maybe (hopefully) I'll see you in class Molly
    Hi Molly,

    I submitted my application on Oct 7th and got my acceptance phone call / email on Oct 11. Official letter came in the mail a couple weeks later. Hopefully I will see you in class! Let me know when you find out.

  6. by   Cm401
    Hi bdw1001,

    Congrats on your acceptance! I am currently in the program, and it's been ok. You said that you will be living in Beverly. For exams that is perfect because they are all at the Burlington location. Labs are held in Boston. However, clinical is a different story. Even though you live in Beverly you may have clinical as far out as Brockton. Also, I am not sure what your post- BSN plans are, but the only real "direct entry" offered is the Administration/ Management degree. The Neonatal NP requires 2 years of clinical RN experience. They told us Psych will be an option once we finish, but we have not heard anything about that. Many of us have contacted the directors of the on ground NP programs and were told that they are not accepting any more students, or that the Masters specialties are not available to Burlington students.
  7. by   bdw1001
    Hi Cm401,

    Right now my post BSN plans had been leaning towards a psych NP track. I am surprised that directors of the other NP programs said they were not accepting Burlington students / no new students. In my acceptance letter it was strongly implied (at least in my mind) that all NP tracks were available assuming I had adequate academic performance in the BSN portion.

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]"When you receive your official acceptance letter in the mail you will notice that you have been accepted into the Masters of Science in Administration/ Leadership and Health Policy. Don’t worry, all of the Nurse Practitioner programs are an available option.[FONT=Calibri, sans-serif] Once you have successfully completed the BSN portion of the program and have passed the NCLEX a Director over your chosen specialty area will review your performance to determine if you can be admitted to a nurse practitioner specialty. This process allows Northeastern faculty to get to know you as a student and see how you perform in the BSN; while giving the student time to experience many specialty areas before having to make a final decision. You do not have to continue in the MS Administration program, this is just the degree you are guaranteed a space in."

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Perhaps this is just a ploy to get more people to accept a slot in the program? I guess I should not be surprised coming from a sales background

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Anyway, I guess I will have to make some phone calls tomorrow and figure out what the actual deal is regarding the NP tracks!

    [FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]What have your thoughts been on the program so far? Any specific strengths / weaknesses to the program so far or just anything that would be helpful to know as an incoming student?
  8. by   elzabe
    Anyone in the accelerated BSN program at NorthEastern? I'm wondering where they place you for clinicals? And, where do grads succeed in getting jobs? The program is 60K ... What are the starting salaries of Northeastern BSN grads?
    I just spoke with their "admissions" rep. It does feel like a commercial operation. Who has the REAL DEAL?
  9. by   shmali
    Hello all,

    I applied to the Direct Entry Nursing program (on-campus) for fall 2014, but received an email today stating that the on-campus program for fall is now full. But they said "Because you are a competitive candidate, we would like to consider you for the Direct Entry - Hybrid option." It goes on to explain how it is partially online but there are labs, etc...I've done the research myself so I mostly know how it works, but then the email states "One of our experienced advisors will be calling you to discuss further."

    I am unsure if this is their way of suggesting I consider the hybrid option or if it is their way of basically saying I'm kind of accepted? Has this ever happened to anyone? I received the email late this afternoon so I would assume maybe they'll call me tomorrow so I should just wait for a phone call?

    It seems like you all had a pretty fast turnaround from when you applied. Any suggestions for me or thoughts on the program? Hybrid wasn't my first choice but it seems like it's still a great option...assuming this means I have a shot of getting in. I'm also from Florida so I honestly don't know much about the whole Boston vs. Burlington situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated And congratulations to you all!
  10. by   edarcy1991
    Hi shmali! I got the same email that you did and never received a call but I contacted them and have an advisor calling shortly so I can give you the scoop when we hang up! Boston is an easy location to get to. Very local to more than one train station. Burlington on the other hand will more than likely require a vehicle, as will the clinicals that are in places like Brockton (as mentioned above). Burlington is about 25 minutes outside of Boston. Brockton is 40 minutes south of Boston.
    If you have any more questions about Boston let me know! I live/grew up in Boston and my boyfriend lives in Burlington!

  11. by   kerris73
    I got that email as well yesterday and received a call today from admissions- she said I've been accepted into the Hybrid program and that I am able to start in May or September. If I go with Northeastern I'll definitely go with May. What are people's thoughts on the Hybrid program?? Pros and cons? @Cm401 would you mind giving us a little info on your thoughts so far on the program?

    Burlington and Boston aren't too far from each other, but would definitely require a car. If I were you I would try to find a place in between, mainly so that you aren't paying Boston rent prices. Somerville is great, Medford might be a bit cheaper and a bit closer to Burlington. If you have any questions about living situation or advice feel free to send me a message.
  12. by   deekayy
    I have not gotten any reply via e-mail since I turned in my application back in Dec. so I decided to give them a call. Admissions said that the direct entry program is full and that the hybrid program is available for applicants if they are admitted. They mentioned that I should be receiving a call or follow up information about the hybrid program if I get accepted. Does anybody have info on the hybrid program or is in it?
  13. by   NS14
    I too applied for the traditional entry for fall 2014 but was sent the email about the hybrid program and received a voicemail....called back but no return. What's the deal with this? I would love answers!!!! ...starting in May is actually pretty appealing. Would love some insight!
  14. by   faith2014
    I also got the very same email on Friday the 15th after 3pm. I don't want to get my hopes up because the program actually interests me...
    edarcy1991 and NS14 did you guys hear anything?