Fall 2017:UT Health Science Center Houston

  1. Hi all!
    Thought I would start a thread for the fall semester! Anyone who wants to share their stats or anything about the application process can post them here! My stats as of now...

    Pre-nursing GPA: 3.54
    Science GPA: 3.67
    HESI: 87.7

    Pretty worried that my stats aren't good enough. Scored low on the A&P section of the HESI (80%) but made an A in the class...hoping maybe that will help even it out? I get discourage when I read through the other threads and see people get rejected with 4.0 GPA's and 90s on the HESI. I do have 80 volunteering hours at a children's hospital but I doubt that would help me enough.
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  3. by   patels
    Your stats are awesome! I went through the entire thread from last semester's pool and literally so many people had perfect everything and got denied... I wonder why?
  4. by   ElenaP14
    Hello Ashley,
    There is a combo-thread with applicants for UTMB Fall 2017 - but I do like the idea of this one dedicated to UT Health.

    I currently have submitted an application for Summer 2017 admissions.
    However, my HESI scores are not ideal, so I am considering Fall as my backup. If I am declined for the Summer I will be retaking my HESI.

    Pre-nursing GPA: 3.66
    Science GPA: also 3.66

    HESI composite 86.8%
    Math 88
    Reading comprehension 78
    Grammar 78
    Vocabulary 94
    Anatomy & Physiology 96
    CT 910

    Classes remaining: Chemistry w/ lab, Statistics, Intro to Ethics (satisfies Philosophy pre-req).

    Do you have any classes left to take this Spring?
    I agree that my stats could also be more competitive, but we just hope and try our best!
  5. by   patels
    What's the combo thread called?
  6. by   Nurse2BeCam
    Hi everyone. Ill be applying to UT for the fall as well as UTMB. I haven't taken the HESI yet. I've been in the process of taking the teas and applying for utmb since their application deadline is in January. My current gpa is 3.84 and a 4.0 in my sciences. Has anyone taken the hesi and the teas? I'm wondering how similar the tests are. Good luck to you all!

    P.s. I have a current UTMB Fall 2017 thread going for all of us hopeful students
  7. by   ElenaP14
    Here is the link to the combo thread.

    UTMB UTHealh fall 2017

    Quote from patels
    What's the combo thread called?
  8. by   ashleyp453
    You did great on the AP section! I'm taking nutrition and AP II and then I'll be all done with my pre reqs
  9. by   HouTx
    Hi Y'all.

    The competition continues to be very high for entry into the top-notch schools in the Houston metro area. They all receive a huge number of applications each semester - for a limited number of slots. The odds of your success will vary depending upon the characteristics of your application cohort. If they're all high-flyers with stratospheric GPAs & test results, you may not fare very well. OTOH, you may get lucky with a cohort that is more 'average'. Please try to keep this in mind and not take it personally if you don't make the cut. It's best to always have alternate plans in mind rather than just applying to one school.

    I wish you all the best. It's a wonderful school. .. I'm an UTHSC-H MSN Alumn
  10. by   Esme12
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  11. by   CaseyT
    Hello to all!

    I have recently decided to take the plunge and apply for UTHealth's pacesetter program as well.

    Without drawing out the long story of how I arrived at my decision, I did so rather hastily with all but 2 pre-reqs needed for a Summer 2017 application, along with 2 others I would need to repeat to improve my grade in them (related to an unfortunate Summer 2016 semester).

    I went ahead and applied for the Summer 2017 class, not really knowing if I would have my prereqs done in time. I know now that I won't, but it's already done...

    So, I will be applying again for Fall 2017 with all of my pre-reqs completed, inlcluding my HESI test, which I completed in January 2016. And here are my application stats for Fall 2017...drumroll please...

    Pre-req GPA: 3.8~3.83
    Science GPA: 3.75

    Math: 100
    Vocab: 96
    Grammar: 92
    Reading: 92
    AP: 88
    Critical Thinking: 900 (although, no longer required as I understand it)
    Overall HESI average: 94

    So there they are. I know from reading other posts that scores and GPA don't amount to everything. I don't know how much they look at non-pre-req classes on your transcript and you OVERALL GPA.

    I think it is also worth mentioning that I am a non-veteran, but am an LVN of 5 years, which were things asked on the application.

    Good luck to all.
  12. by   ashleyp453
    What did everyone take for the 5 credit hour electives? Does it have to be exactly 5 hours? I have two 3 credit hour classes that could be used towards the elective, but not exactly 5...
  13. by   CaseyT
    Quote from ashleyp453
    What did everyone take for the 5 credit hour electives? Does it have to be exactly 5 hours? I have two 3 credit hour classes that could be used towards the elective, but not exactly 5...
    I do not think it would have to be exactly a total of 5 hours. That would be difficult to achieve. Seems more like a minimum.

    But I too am wondering what classes would count toward this. One of the few questions I have left for an advisor. I have a couple of throw away classes I had hoped would suffice, like speech and intro AP.
  14. by   ashleyp453
    Yeah, I was going to use a speech class and a biology fundamentals class!