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I am currently pursuing my MSN and was thinking it would be nice to pick up some part time work as an online nursing instructor. Does anyone on this board know if there are opportunities for BSN-prepared nurses to provide online instruction?

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Online faculty usually have extensive experience in a classroom setting first. And a completed MSN is usually required. Your best bet is to start as a clinical instructor (like almost everyone else does).

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I have not come across any online teaching positions that require anything less than an MSN (and I have done a lot of looking!). You typically have to have one degree above what you are teaching, so you'd need an MSN to teach those in a BSN programs. Even the ASN programs I know of that are online want MSN-prepared RNs doing their teaching. How long until you graduate? Is your MSN focus in nursing education?

My concentration is FNP and I graduate in November 2019. Because I am in a very rural area there are not a lot of opportunities for classroom or clinical instruction, thus the question about online positions. I'm not trying to look for a shortcut, just a way to make some extra money while I am in school.

In my experience (in nursing education) over the years, the only role for BSN-prepared RNs in RN programs is possibly as clinical instructors (some, not all, nursing programs are willing to hire BSN-prepared clinical instructors). Everything else requires an MSN or higher. Schools of nursing have to answer not only to the BONs about qualifications for nursing instructors, but also to the academic accrediting organizations that accredit the schools generally (the entire college or university, not just the school of nursing), and they require that faculty have a higher degree than the level they're teaching. A BSN-prepared RN could probably get a job teaching CNAs or LPNs, if there is a program near you. But I doubt you're going to find any opportunities to teach online. Best wishes!

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Local schools in my area only hire BSN nurses as assistants in skills lab.

Thanks to those of you who gave positive and informative feedback.

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What about an insurance company?

AnnieNP I'm not very familiar with insurance companies. Would love to have more information though.

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