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  1. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    Born and raised rural and understand underserved population needs. 8 years of public health nursing. RN at an FQHC for 4 years and want to stay there as NP. In second year of FNP program, especially interested in women's and children's services, but ...
  2. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    I am a finalist for NHSC scholarship!!! Thank you for the encouragement.
  3. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    I did
  4. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    Following. I received a credit check 7/16 and have checked the website almost every day since. I just want to know!!
  5. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    When I called with an application question they said they may start notifications earlier. And I read that some were notified as early as July 31 last year. I don't remember if that was NHSC or NURSE Corps though
  6. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    It was great information. Thank you!
  7. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    I applied for both. My credit check was from Credco on 7/16
  8. Nurse Corps Scholarship 2018-2019

    I had a credit check so I'm a little more hopeful than I was before. Applied for NHSC scholarship and NURSE Corps scholarship. My applications still say under review though. I would love to know either way.
  9. Can you go from the clinic back to the hospital?

    It is possible. I got a mother-baby job after 11 years of office nursing. It was definitely a learning curve and I had an extensive orientation. Some hospital systems actually have "restart" programs for nurses who have been out of acute care for a ...
  10. Project Management

    I like the Kanban methodology. I am LEAN trained, but had not seen that yet. Thanks for introducing me
  11. Project Management

    Has anyone found OneNote useful or user friendly?
  12. Project Management

    Me too. They can be helpful but not in the way I'm using them. Looking for a little bit more organization so I don't let stufff fall through the cracks
  13. Project Management

    What tools do you use to keep track of all projects that you are working on?
  14. QI in the hospital vs. FQHC

    I just took a position as the Quality Manager for an FQHC. Would love to chat if you are still here.
  15. ARNP or Administration?

    I'g glad to see this thread is still going. I have considered both FNP and MSN in Administration. However, I would not want to do nursing administration in a 24/7 setting. Rather, I would look for a job in ambulatory care. The hours are great and...