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I will finish my BSN in July 2010. I want to become a FNP or ACNP. I am looking for online programs that are not extremely expensive. I would like recommendations from you all that are attending or have attended a MSN online program. Any information would be great. I am more interested in a college based program as opposed to Phoenix.

Thanks so much!

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I too would like some info. I have looked at Ball State (BSU) but the courses are part time and will take at least 3 years. I have also looked at University of Southern Alabama, but am worried that I do not know anyone that has gone there. Let us know of any others that you all recommend!


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ASU has a hybrid program, UofA has a program with local clinicals and two weeks every year, UofP has a hybrid program.


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I did my FNP program online from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. You do have to go to Vegas a couple of times a year, but they were terrific and their program is exactly like the same classes as their traditional classes. They really help with loans etc. They have a great reputation and they help you arrnage your clinical work in your own area. Here is the link: Diane


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I am currently pursuing my FNP online through the RODP and ETSU, it is not that expensive. I was accepted to Ball State, RODP/ETSU, Indiana State Univ. and Graceland. I chose RODP/ETSU due to expense as well as graduating with my BSN from ETSU 14 years ago. With RODP you can choose full time or part time. I am attending part time due to working full time. Hope this information helps, also no GRE is needed and no trips except to clinicals which are set up in your area.


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U of p ?? Which university is this. Do you have a url link?


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i am applying to Univ of CN, but Univ has a program as well.


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PhillySN, are you enrolled at U of Cinncinati? How is your online program going? I'm looking for something self-paced, not sure it exists. We can't really predict how things will go at this point in our careers, can we? I know I can't! Cindy1ou


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Hello GBCteacher,

Mind if I ask, how long it took to complete your course?



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I'm at South Alabama in the ER Nurse Practitioner Program. I finish in 26 days (not that I'm counting). It's an excellent program and I'm very happy w/ it, but the ED program is transitioning somewhat right now. They are going to a dual FNP/ACNP program and so the clinical hours are increasing and I'm not exactly sure what areas you will have to complete clinicals in for that program. There are around 11 different specialities so you can have your pick. Each program is different, but the ENP program requires us to go to Mobile once a year. We stay for about a week and it was a blast. You can't put 30 ER nurses together and not have fun. It was also a great learning experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.


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I start the university of south alabama DNP program for FNP/AACNP in the Fall. I have been hearing bad things about the program, can you enlighten me with info. concerning the instructors, classes, how do I get a book list and so on..Please any info is appreciated.


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What kinds of bad things have you been hearing? I just graduated from USA and I am very happy with the program. Now the ACNP program, from what I hear, is extremely intensive. The booklist will be published on the South Alabama College of Nursing website. Look under the current students tab and you will see booklist. It won't be updated yet b/c there is a summer semester first. Go ahead and PM me if you want to discuss which profs to select.

Please let me know how I can help,


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