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Does anyone know of a good online course for learning medical/conversational spanish? We are getting a bigger population of kids who's parents don't speak english. I know this is common in bigger cities, but we are a small town and its kind of new to us. We do have 2 staff that speak it well enough to make a phone call for me, but sometimes they aren't available.

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i've been playing around with the duolingo app and website. While not specifically medical, it does have a unit on medical words and it's a lot of fun. The app tracks your desktop performance too, so if i have a few seconds of downtime (ha ha) i can play at work and do a lesson and then play later. I think it's helped me. I think using my Spanish more regularly has helped me more though. I tend to just plow in and worry less about my grammar (i mean i try...) and try to get my point across.


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Check with your community college system. I found a "Spanish for Healthcare Providers" online. It was not for credit or a grade. Duolingo is also good for everyday words.

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I just use google translate talk to text on my phone, It reads it back to me translated.


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We use the AT&T Language Line in my district. Not sure what all is involved in getting it set up for your district but it's a place to start. In a pinch I use our ELL teacher to translate.

I studied French and Italian which have been of no use at all. :wacky:


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I second duolingo. It's pretty addicting actually.