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Some of us in this forum have been here for a while, but there have been several new "faces" lately. :welcome: So maybe we can do introductions. Tell us : your first name (if you want) where you... Read More

  1. by   josoknow
    Hi, My name is JoAnn and all 5 of my kids are grown, I have 4 grandkids and 1 on the way. I am an ICU/ER nurse that presently works in Tahlequah, Ok, however I have made a decision to do travel nursing starting in October. I also was just accepted into Ball state University online masters to FNP track and will start this august and hopefully graduate in three years. I am very excited!!!!! Nursing is a great career! I really feel that nurses need to unite together stand up for each other and help each other out. Nursing is one of the largest occupations in the united states and there is no reason why we can not set our own limits and call our own shots, instead of having others tell us what schedule we have to work and if we can take off for a holiday to be with our loved ones. It is time for nurses to take control of the profession. We have so many oppurtunities out there, the world is waiting.
  2. by   josoknow
    Quote from Betty_SPN_KS
    Hi, I transplanted from Kansas to Oklahoma last August. I live in Tahlequah and work in Pryor. I have 5 boys at home. DH helps a lot at home, with homeschool and housework. Our 3 girls are older and married. They live in Kansas. I also have grandchildren. I turned 40 while in nursing school 3 years ago.
    I've thought about changing my name on here since I'm no longer a student practical nurse and I no longer live in kansas. Brian said to submit 3 choices, but I'm not sure yet.
    Hi Betty I also live in tahlequah and work in tahlequah. We are the same age. I rased 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys. I am going back to school this fall for my masters in nursing and then FNP. I plan on traveling soon, I want to see the country.
  3. by   josoknow
    Quote from ertravelrn
    My name is Liz. I just moved back to Oklahoma, after living in Colorado for several years. I own property in little Kansas, almost to arkansas, and travel to OKC to work. I work in er and icu, and love the excitement of it all. My husband and I just celebrated our first year anniversary. He has just applied to Bacone college in Muskogee for x-ray tech. so that he can travel with me. Its good to be home.
    Hi Liz, I know who you are we work in the same hospital. I am working in ICU right now. Guess who I am. Oh by the way welcome, I really enjoyed working with you in ICU recently.
  4. by   ertravelrn
    Jo......I think I brought you guys a patient yesterday....lol
    I loved working with you, but all your shifts are full, so, let me know when you need help.
    I love my new job, hope it stays this way.
    I enjoyed your introduction post. Many good ideas/thoughts there.
  5. by   pbingham
    Hello all!! I have been a lurker on this site so I guess I should make my intro. I'm Pam and I live in Midtown Tulsa. I worked at the Tulsa Zoo for almost eleven years but realized that I didn't want to be hauling hay at fifty so I started looking at what profession would challenge me. Also my husband is a computer tech and had been outsourced so I wanted a job that was secure. Nursing seemed to be the answer for both. I got a job at Saint Francis as a Nurse Tech (they trained me for the position). I have been there for two years and really enjoy the floor I work on. I start RSU this fall and I can't wait!!

    My children are 3 dogs, 3 cats, and my husband has a bird.
  6. by   RXtech
    Hi! I've never introduced myself in here. I'm Alicia and I'm a pre-nursing student at OCCC. I'm hoping to get in in the Spring of 09, but if not, I should get in the next semester. I can't wait!

    I work as a hospital pharmacy tech, which I like, but it doesn't involve much contact with patients, so I'm looking forward to that. You can remind me I said that in a few years when I'm complaining about grouchy patients and disgruntled family members. LOL
  7. by   whitter
    First of all, Congrats to pbingham for being accepted into RSU's program! It is competitive, but I truly believe you will have a good experience there. I graduated this May from RSU. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

    I have been a member a while, but I haven't introduced myself. Here it goes....

    My name is Whitney (aka Whitter). I graduated in May. I am an "almost RN" (I take my NCLEX next week!). I work in the CVICU. I truly love nursing. I am going to start working on my BSN in August at RSU and will graduate May 2010. Two more years! I would also love to be a NP, CNS or CRNA someday, but who knows?? For now I am going to enjoy the present.... learn... gain experience... enjoy my husband... and travel!.

    Everyone have a great week!
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  8. by   NICUplease
    Its good to know theres some life in the OK forum!

    My name is Mellany and I am starting OSU-OKC's 1+1 program through Moore Norman Tech in August. I plan to go directly into OKCU's RN-BSN after I graduate. I want to work in the NICU... cant see myself anywhere else! If anyone has any info about a job that I can get as a nursing student, it would be very much appreciated.

    I've been married to my husband for 2 years now and we have a 2 year old little boy. Life has been crazy balancing school and the family, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Nice to meet you all!!! and good luck in NURSING!
  9. by   Ambitiouz
    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker on the forums on and off for awhile and I should have replied to this post awhile ago so here goes.
    I'll 24 in August and I live in oklahoma city with my husband. No children yet, so it's just us. I recently got accepted to OSU-OKC nursing program for the Fall, and I'm very excited and a little nervous to get the ball rolling. I plan to go straight to OU or UCO to complete the RN-BSN bridge ASAP. I am not sure exactly what area I want to specialize in yet, but hopefully will get some experience and find my niche. I am leaning more towards going to graduate school to become a pratitioner and open my own clinic in underrespresented areas. I really look forward to working night shifts, because I am not a morning person. I will be working part-time and juggling nursing school so I don't have to borrow from loans. Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   Mommyto2and2
    Hi All,
    My name is Mindy and I live in Yukon. I have been an active member over in the prenursing forums but not here. Luckily, my computer is back up and running now so I have the chance to get to know you all.

    I am studying for the HESI now to get into OSU/OKC's program in the spring. I have four kids....16,8,7, and 6. This will be the first year that they are all in school all day so this is the time that I am going to kick it up and get things done. I look forward to getting to know you all