nurse tech pay at st. francis?

  1. Hi, does anybody know what st. francis pays their nurse techs? Also if anyone out there works there as a tech, Im curious to hear what you think about it!
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  3. by   OkieICU_RN
    I don't know an exact number for you and don't know your experience or if you would be new.

    I'm an RN and worked there, had a friend that was a tech and she made around $10.?? but she had been there for a few years. I heard tale that it's in the $8 range for newer techs.

    Think it really depends on what unit you work in on whether the techs like it or not. What kind of unit do you want to work in?
  4. by   JoeERTech
    I worked at St. Francis for 3 years, from 96-99 as a PCT, and made a little under $9 an hour. However, it's not an employee-friendly place to work (not just my opinion). I'm currently an ER Tech at St. John and making $11.48/hr plus $1.06 differential for night shift. Not sure what the techs on the regular floors make, but I'm thinking $10/hr-ish. I'd look into St. John as well, before you make a decision
  5. by   OkieICU_RN
    Don't really see how you could say that since you haven't worked at SFH in 8 years. I loved it there and only left because I am now out of state. Yes, I know I'm not a tech but I know how the techs in the units felt about it, they were candid and there were a lot of techs that have been there many long years or went on to RN school and still work there as RN's. Like I said, it may well depend on which floor/unit you work in.

    I agree though, check out all your options then make the right decision for yourself.
  6. by   nepsys
    I am surprised to see these low numbers for nurses (tech, LPN, or RNs)...given the amount of work and 'responsibilities' all of you take on. Anybody can give a resonable explanation ? I believe in demand and supply when it comes to the pay or benefits. It looks totally different when it comes to this field.

    A computer engineer in software field can make well above $80-100/hr.
    That is about 8 techs or 6 RNs; if the data presented here is true (I believe they are) !!! Isn't that horrible ? Any insights ?
  7. by   OkieICU_RN
    Well, those pay rates listed are for patient care techs, not LPN or RN salaries. RN's start out around $18/hr as a new grad at hospitals in the area.

    I fully agree that nursing salaries are too low, but that is the going rate in this area of the country. Oklahoma is one of the lowest paying states for RN's in the nation.

    They (management) claim it is because the cost of living here is so low. I suppose that could be true. Average new home price around here is around $120-140K, previously owned homes can go for far less for a 3/2/2.
  8. by   nepsys

    Thanks for a response. $18/hr for RN is certainly better than what I thought was the prevaling wage. However, it still does not make sense for the wage to be that low. When a RN is making $45/hr in LA or San Francisco, the rate in OK should be somewhere in the range of $30-$35. Anyway, I can argue as much as I want; but the reality is not going to change.

    Can you give me some idea about the pay of a doctor? How much they normally make ? I just wanted to see what kind of gap is there between a doctor and a RN.

    Thanks again....I am not excatly adding anything to the origional post but I hope it is related to the topic.
  9. by   OkieICU_RN
    That's just starting pay in the hospitals in the area for a NEW GRAD. There are nurses that make $30-$35 there. Depends on the shift, how much experience, etc. Just like everywhere I guess. A nurse with 1 yr experience can make $35+ agency no problem.

    To answer your question about physician salaries, I understand they are higher here than in places like CA. I think primary care docs make around $120-150K. Obviously high end specialties: ortho, pain management, anesthesia, some surgeons make $400K and more.

    I would say there is some desparity, huh?
  10. by   nepsys
    Looks like it is as bad as I thought it was. If a RN can make 35+/hr with one year experience, I don't see a reason to complain.

    As far as the pay for the doctors, I think it is resonable. Afterall, they spend about 6-8 years just to compared to 2-3 years for RN and 4 years for engineering. I don't know how the doctors work but they seem to operate like a business when I go to their clinic. Is this a number for full-time employee type doctors ?

    You seem to have a lot of knowledge about the pay and other benefits in the field. Thanks a lot for sharing that information.
  11. by   OURN83
    I don't know about techs, but I just found out today that nurse externs get paid $10/hr. Much lower than I had anticipated.
  12. by   maskp4
    I am currently a patient care tech at St. Francis and I make 10.50/hr. Plus I work nights and weekends as I am in nursing school. I like St. Francis and I believe that everywhere has its ups and downs and you have to find a floor/area/job that you love and that your personality fits with that of the rest of the team. Anyway, they pay based on if you have been through a tech class or in nursing school, etc. Wish it was more but it's not. I made more as a medical assistant in a doc's office during a ton less but...

    Anyway, hope this helps.
  13. by   GunslingerOy
    I started about 7 years ago and the rate was 8.50ish starting. Now I do know that I work for a hospital that is owned by St Johns, and it is communistic if you ask me. I dont know if this is completely true, but my boss told me that St. Johns does not "believe in merit raises" . I totally flipped at St. Francis I was getting raises every 6mo. it seemed like in the span of 5 years of being there, I left making close to 13! Now where I am at now I have been here 2 years and make .50 more than when I started. So when considering hosp. I would question that at St. Johns!
  14. by   Suzy2
    There is no merit based pay raises at St. Francis anymore. Everyone gets 3.5 percent regardless of job performance. It was much nicer when we got merit based raises because most people tried to do a good job now it doesn't matter.