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  1. mistiffy

    Bad news about TCC RN program

    I graduate from TCC this May, and I felt good about the school til level 4! RUN!!!!!! Well, that said, though, ALL of my friends who graduated this past Dec have passed their NCLEX's so far....So I guess u gotta pick ur poison. =)
  2. mistiffy


    Hi everyone! It has been SOOOOO long since I've been on this site, however I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the help you've given me the past 2 years! I graduate in 6 weeks!!!!! :w00t: OK, I just really felt a need to tell everyone that lol. Thanks and to everyone else in NS-GOOD LUCK U CAN DO IT!!!
  3. mistiffy

    Yet another student needing concept map help...ESRD

    Just curious-You said white frothy sputum was collected but his lungs were clear? I also was unsure where you were getting the fluid volume overload from? I'm not sure if you have to do ur NDX in order of priority or not, but a Risk for should almost never be number one. And I also agree with the above poster that he's not a risk for decreeased CO, but he has it as an actual problem. I would also look at Impaired tissue perfusion, Impaired skin integrity...focus on actual problems before the risks =) Good luck!
  4. mistiffy

    Question about ICP

    Ok, so I think you're on the right track with that-I'm pretty sure it does put pressure on the part of the brain that controls things like vomiting and if you had asked me last week what part of the brain that was I could've told you! lol. But I think it may be more important for you to remember the nursing management of ICP pt's when it comes to ur test. And how u don't want them to vomit because it can cause a severe increase in ICP, also avoid coughing and sneezing, loud noises, etc. Maintain the HOB at 30degrees. And you want these pt's to maintain slightly hypertensive-a systolic between 140-160, but anything over 160 should be tx's with meds because that's when you start seeing a loss of cerebral autoregulation....Ok, does that help at all? Good luck on ur test!!
  5. mistiffy

    Tulsa Community College- Fall 2009 Start

    Hi guys, I'm about to graduate from TCC's RN program this Dec!! As far as level one and two goes, be ready to be thrown to the wolves. Level 1 kinda holds ur hand whereas level 2 ur pretty much on ur own and the content gets ALOT more complex. But, that's not to say I don't recommend the program, because I do. Level 3 is OB/Peds/QOL and it's easy and the instructors are WONDERFUL. Level 4 is well....difficult. I'm not really impressed. The majority of classes are anystreamed online and you start doing 12 hr clinicals-half the semester on a med/surg floor and half in the ICU. The clinicals have been a real learning opportunity tho and a lot of my class already has RN jobs lined up for when they graduate, including me =). What it comes down to is, is TCC going to prepare you to pass ur NCLEX? And I say yes, definitely, it has one of the highest pass rates in the state and that's what counts. So if you have any other questions, feel free to ask away, I'll try to answer them as best I can!!