Looking for shortest rn program in okc area

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    I am wondering if there is a program to go straight for rn at votech or community college in okc area. And what kind of wait list there might be. Also how long the program would be. Thanks
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  3. by   Rocky_LPN
    fastest RN is 2 years add another 1/2-1 for pre reqs.
  4. by   LuvWounds
    I am looking to attend platt college and the program is 12 month day and 22 month evening which include your prereq's. This is short from where I live in washington,dc so thats why I'm relocating.
  5. by   ladycool
    NEWATTHIS, do you have Platt's college phone # or they address b/c I'm also looking for a short RN program and 12mths for day program sounds great!!!
  6. by   LuvWounds
    No, I can't remeber the phone # or address. I do remember the the site is something like Platt college.com I think. Good luck in your search for a school
  7. by   marilynmom
    Be careful with Platt....
  8. by   ladycool
    What's wrong with platt college? and what did you mean about be careful with Platt college? Can you PLEASE explain.

  9. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from ladycool
    What's wrong with platt college? and what did you mean about be careful with Platt college? Can you PLEASE explain.

    While Platt College is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, they are not regionally accredited. If a school is not regionally accredited, then the credits earned will never transfer to a BSN or MSN program. Also, Platt College is very expensive. They are a private tech school, not a traditional college. You'll be able to work as an RN and gain licensure with Platt's state approval, but the credits simply won't be accepted to legitimate colleges and universities.
  10. by   marilynmom
    I have known a few people to have gone through Platt's LPN and RN program and no one ever has anything good to say about their program--in fact my SIL went through the LPN program and would tell anyone to stay away from that school. It is just not a very well respected school. Oklahoma has a lot of good RN schools, Platt isn't one of them.

    I also agree with the above poster.

    Sometimes the fastest, isn't the best, especially when it comes to nursing. Actually that scares me to death.

    Platt just isn't well respected, I've known people who went through their other "degree" and certificate programs and were sorely disappointed. Not to mention how ridiculously expensive they are, they cost more than my BSN program does!!
  11. by   DutchgirlRN
    I've heard only bad things about Platt as well. What's the hurry? You should never rush a good thing! Enjoy learning.
  12. by   BabyRN2Be
    I just wanted to add that my mom worked as an RN at one of the major hospitals and they really had nothing good to say about that Platt LPN students. There are many problems as previous posters have mentioned, and I believe that Platt is one to avoid.
  13. by   ladycool
    Thank you so much you'll for the info about Platt college. This will definitely save me time and money, I mean money that I don't have.I will look else where for my RN program and GOOD-BY Platt.