Hillcrest anyone?

  1. Hi all, I was just wondering what kinds of thoughts anyone had on this hospital in Tulsa? I have been offered a CNA job there and I haven't really heard a lot about this hospital? Anyone know what kinds of pay that CNA's make there? I have a meeting on wednesday with the manager of the unit i would be working on, so I was just wondering if anyone could give me any kind of feedback on that one? Thank you all so much, everyone is always so helpful on here! Merry Christmas!!:Santa3:
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    Understaffed and underappreciated would pretty much sum it up.
  4. by   LanaBanana
    Seems like I remember them paying around 8.50/hour and they usually use you as a cross-trained assistant which means you serve as unit secretary and CNA. But if you look at my job half the time, I am also part unit secretary!
  5. by   ffweste
    Lana- I did my PCT clinicals there. It wasn't bad, but then again I was only there one day a week and loved everyone on my floor. But I liked it.
  6. by   oktravelnurse
    Took an assignment there and only lasted 2 weeks. Drs. were awful, floor was understaffed. The employees were nice, but I quit after 2 weeks.
  7. by   OURN83
    I did my clinicals there on 6 tower/cardiac telemetry. I had to constantly hunt down equipment for VS and pulse ox and half the time the equipment didn't work. It was a mess. Oh and it was ridiculously hard to find the charts. However, the staff was very friendly and helpful. I also really liked their computer system. I will also agree they were understaffed.
  8. by   BabyRN2Be
    I would have to say that the Women's Center is pretty nice to work at. However, it is the newer, more up to date part of the hospital. I work as a doula in L&D and Cuddler in the NICU. There's something about the NICU I don't like, but I can't put my finger on it yet.

    But as I said, The Women's Center, or I should say, the Peggy V. Helmerich Women's Center, the L&D is very nice. They have CTA's in L&D (mostly working in triage downstairs), as well as CTA's in Mother/Baby and NICU.

    Don't know about any openings at the moment.
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  9. by   OURN83
    I have clinicals there at the Womens Health center at Hillcrest. Actually I just had orientation yesterday. It is very nice. I really think I'm going to enjoy this experience. Maybe it's just because of all the sweet little babies!
  10. by   OURN83
    Well, as it turns out I have accepted a position this summer as a nurse extern in cardiac telemetry and I am enjoying the experience thus far. Plus, they are building a new heart hospital, the "Heart Pavillion" and it will be the largest heart hospital in Oklahoma. It opens in the fall of next year. I can't wait, it will be super nice!
  11. by   OURN83
    This is kind of a late follow up, but I completed my externship at Hillcrest and feel that it was an excellent learning experience. The nurses were extremely helpful and absolutely adore the manager! Very friendly people there on 6 tower/Cardiac. When I returned to school for my final semester I worked part time and actually got paid more as a tech than an extern! I am grateful for my experience at Hillcrest. I intend on staying there a long time!
  12. by   husker_rn
    Worked in their Specialty Hospital for 4 years. Would not go back. The understaffed and under appreciated pretty much says it all.