dayton/xenia area?

  1. just a shout out looking for friends. i really feel like i lost a lot of friends through nursing school, and now i've just moved. i'm a new nurse and could use some support, but mostly i'm hoping to find someone that i can get together with to work out. i'm sig overweight and could use a buddy helping me get into the swing of things
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    Hi I live in dayton/riverside.
  4. by   all4schwa
    how do you like living in dayton? what kind of things do you do for fun?
  5. by   VinoLover2030
    I live in middletown and would love to make more the moment I live middletown...PM me if interested.....lost lots of friends in nursing school too but hey you move on and make more
  6. by   casey12873
    Hi, everyone. I live in Farmersville--near Germantown area. I have a great friend from LPN school that lives in the Xenia area. Where are you working?
  7. by   Rachel937LPN
    Hi I live in Beavercreek. Just graduated from RETs as a LPN. Currently trying to get a job. Suggestions anyone?
  8. by   loriannlpn
    Hey Rachel, I am in the ADN program at Rets. Congrats on graduation! Did you find a good job?
  9. by   casey12873
    Rachel, where are you looking for a job? I thought it was pretty easy to get a job once I graduated. Congratulations on graduation!!!:hatparty:

    Lori, what do you think of RETS ADN program? I took LPN there, graduated May '05.
  10. by   loriannlpn
    I think it is going pretty good. Since you have taken their PN program, there would less prereq's for you. I enjoy it. I dont think the RN program is hard, time to study is challenging and changing your thought process from LPN to RN. I would recommend it to anyone.
    The instructors are great, they realize that we are all adults and they know we are stressed from all of the work load. This term I am taking Micro, Sociology, nursing 250, nursing 251, and 6 h our clinicals in mother baby
  11. by   casey12873
    I was the last class to finish before they added their RN program. (They added just before we graduated.) I would have to take pre reqs, since they didn't have our courses planned out for the bridge program.

    After 15 months of PN classes, (I took night classes) I am not so willing to go back to a classroom. Actually, I had a pretty negative experience while at RETS. I've considered going back there since it is such a quick course for RN, but I think I'm going to go through Excelsior instead. I think it will work out better for my family.

    Good for you, though! How much longer do you have to go now? Are you working somewhere also?
  12. by   Rachel937LPN
    I went to RETS night program also and our class was constantly getting screwed by the school. Im reluctant to go back to RETs, so maybe Ill look into Excelsior.
  13. by   brown eyed girl
    When did everybody graduate from Rets? I graduated in Dec.05
  14. by   Rachel937LPN
    Aug '06. Have you gone back for your RN? I might go back to RETs cause I figured it'd be easier to get my RN that way.