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Anyone want to share any ob superstitions?

Like never do a wet setup on a primip until she is pushing.

We have separate postpartum flowsheets for c/s and vag...never stamp the vag delivery packs until delivery or you've set her up for a vaginal bypass.


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Of course there are superstitions!

NEVER wipe the labor board clean even if all the Pt's have gone to PP (for those few of us working LDR's only)

Birthing Plan people end up with everything they didn't want and more complications than those without birthing plans

Natural Childbirth folks seem to always have the retained placenta's: eek:

Do the c/section paper work to ward one off


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We turn the lights on in our c-room to "ward off the evil spirits" if we are nervous about a particular labor. We also get out the foley kit, shave prep kit, and c-section papers. We would rather put them away unused than use them!

If we want labor patients, we just shut off the screen on our central monitoring system--works like a charm!

I also tell inductions to NOT bring in all their bags from the car until they are sure they will be in labor and deliver! Of course, this depends on the dr. as some dr's will not send inductions home--would rather deliver them either way!

I agree with the birth plan one--they always get everything they didn't want and MORE!


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Never say the "Q" word. The Med-Surg nurses always come up and say " It's quiet up here, don't you guys have any patients"? Soon after, we have many patients.

If a pt. is checked and she is not in active labor, don't make the bed until the end of the shift or she'll come back


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I'm not sure if this counts as a superstition, but I found this out my first semester in nursing school.

How about redheads and PPH?


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OMG................MsPurp, I have heard the exact same thing about redheads. One of our OB Docs was talking about it.


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I took care of a primip who happened to be a redhead and had a pretty severe PPH.

The L&D RNs say whenever they are running low on pit, a slew of redheads come up to give birth.


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If I have a labor pt. who's been poking along all night, I put on a fresh pot of coffee and stick my dinner in the microwave - Just about guaranteed I'll hear "I've got to push NOW!"


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That's a true one!

How about when a new staff member asks "have we ever had a(you fill in the emergency) ?" Next for the following weeks, you hear about cases of it.


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All so true!!

What about when a thunderstorm comes through? We always say "water's breaking all over the world".


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Oooooooo yes....

Cook/order your dinner, your pt. will need to push.

Crappy strip all day, doc won't call the c/s unitl 1855.

The amt. of 'stuff' a pt. brings from home is inversely proportional to the dilation of the cervix...i.e., if she comes in by herself with only her purse, SHE'S READY TO DELIVER. If she comes in with all her bags, 2 pillows, her hubby, her doula, and her mother, she's a fingertip.

Rain, snow, or any drop in barometric pressure = county-wide SROM.

If you shave and prep her, she will delivery vaginally.

Screaming pt. who is in most NEED of an epidural (because you'll kill her otherwise), you can GUARANTEE the SLOWEST, LOUSIEST, GRUMPIEST anes. doc is on.


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Hey shay great to hear your voice.

Also, pt whose dad is administration at the hosp....wil always end up with 24-hour labor then c/sec. Or if her family member is a lawyer!!!

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