Where Do People Dream This Stuff Up?

  1. I don't do this too much, but recently I watched part of an afternoon TV show (Steve Wilkos). I didn't get the whole story, but a woman's stepmother wanted to get custody of her stepdaughter's two children. One had a bad case of FAS. When confronted on why she was drinking during her pregnancy, the stepdaughter denied any ETOH use during her pregnancy. Steve asked, "Then why does your baby have FAS?" The girl said (and I am not making this up), that her doctor told her that if the father is doing drugs/alcohol, then the baby may be affected by FAS. She swore that this happens very, very rarely, but it can happen.

    I think that was trying to CYA and said the first thing that popped into her head, whether it made sense or not.

    Of course, the show called the CDC and confirmed that it's not possible for a child to contract FAS in this manner.

    Fortunately, the woman did sign custody papers to her stepmother, I hope it holds up because some lawyer might say that she did it under duress.

    Anyone else have any strange theories by patients?
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  3. by   Andrew, RN
    "I don't need to take my blood pressure meds, my blood pressure has been fine"

    Then they go to ICU on a nitroglycerin gtt.
  4. by   Jo Dirt
    I told my mother I didn't understand how I got pregnant, all we did was swim in the same swimming pool.
  5. by   fmoore723
    On the same line as Andrew....

    "Ive been doing really well, my BSs have been all WNL" (BS log shows all WONDERFUL numbers) Take a random and its almost 350---check her actual BS monitor and it shows almost all abormals....Pt sent for hospitalization and BS control....

    Or the DM pt who didnt feel right, had a high BS and decided that 8 M&Ms would make her feel better....GO FIGURE!

    Sometimes I feel when pts dont control their BS (like above), its borderline just as bad as doing drugs or alcohol.
  6. by   babyktchr
    I was in a room where people were doing cocaine, or smoking weed...that is why my drug screen is positive.
  7. by   azhiker96
    Quote from babyktchr
    I was in a room where people were doing cocaine, or smoking weed...that is why my drug screen is positive.
    Had a pt. deliver a baby and her drug screen was positive. Yup, she said people were smoking crack in the room where she checks her email. They always said secondhand smoke was bad! :icon_roll
  8. by   perfectbluebuildings
    "Well, I did do cocaine 2 or 3 days ago... but I don't know how my toddler got any and came up positive!!" as well as the incredibly dumb stories parents/caregivers come up with to explain "non-accidental injuries" (abuse).
  9. by   cloister
    "Yeah, I smoke 2 packs a day, but I take 2 grams vitamin C daily, so that cancels it out." This from an RN I had as a patient once upon a time.

    "Crystal meth really cleans me out." This from the 52 yo post stent/cath lab patient when I asked him if he had a bowel routine.

    Stupid is as stupid does.......
  10. by   eriksoln
    "No, you dont understand. I'm not like the people in your books from school. You nurses want to categorize everyone. I'm am telling you, my doctor said my blood sugar should stay in the mid 300's. Whenever I go below that at all, I bottom out and end up in the hospital. Please, I'm the expert of my own body. Get me a regular Coke like I told you to. My blood sugar is only 270 and if I dont raise it up now, I'll become very ill and be in the ICU."

    Didnt bother explaining to her all the reasons she had been in the hospital the past two years were are R/T HYPERGLYCEMIA.
  11. by   babynurselsa
    No one smokes more than a half a pack a day..........

    No, 99.5 is a high fever for me because mine normally runs low.........

    I am havinga seizure.....right now in fact.........

    ooohhhh these contractions hurt soo ba......OOOOWWWWW that IV hurts.....
  12. by   llg
    I don't know why I gained 10 pounds since my last check-up. I swear, I hardly eat anything!
  13. by   LittleWing21
    One pt told a fellow nurse that "green tea causes pneumonia." Riiiight.
  14. by   tvccrn
    All my baby needs is to warm up and he will be alive again. I saw it on the Discovery Channel, this kitten was dead and they put it on the radiator and it came back to life.

    You can take some of my brain cells and transplant them into his brain and he will be alive again.

    Both from the father who put his 4 month old premmie in a head lock to make him stop crying. For the last comment we all thought that the kid was better off dead than having his father's brain cells if that is how he thought things worked.