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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   BROOK9960
    Quote from kimtab
    My Mom is getting a Colonoscopy next week. The Gastroenterologists name is.....Dr. SUNSHINE!

    I told her the sun don't shine down there...
    Our family doctor is Dr. Kiehl, pronounced keel, but my son called him Dr. Kiehler for years (pronounced Killer)
  2. by   BROOK9960
    Quote from 9moreyears
    Lemon Butts! enough said!:roll
    You've all heard the joke about Harry Butts? Well I actually know a Harry Buttz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  3. by   Jaynie
    When I was a student nurse on my community placement we went to see a new mum who's surname was Scumptious, They called their child Trudy.
    Trudy Scumptious.
  4. by   neetnik461
    I went to middle school with a girl named Melody Music. My mother was a teller at a bank which had a customer named Helen Fart. As a senior in high school I worked for an insurance company and saw some strange names on the applications I checked including:

    Harry Ball
    Crystal Ball
    Crystal Chandelier


    Semen Glasscock Jr
  5. by   epiphany
    Quote from Jaynie
    When I was a student nurse on my community placement we went to see a new mum who's surname was Scumptious, They called their child Trudy.
    Trudy Scumptious.
    I think you win. You can't make that up.
  6. by   rph3664
    My first job out of pharmacy school was at a mail order facility, and I once filled a prescription for Caverject, prescribed by a urologist named Dr. Wiener. No, I'm not kidding.

    Google "Caverject" if you don't know what it is. There was a pharmacist who was almost totally bald even though he was barely 40, and his head would turn red every time he heard that word. He had a desk job there, and people would walk by his desk and say "Caverject" just to watch his head turn red. It never stopped being funny.

    As a longtime R.E.M. fan, I also thought the prescription written by William Barry, M.D. of Athens, Georgia was a hoot too. I realize the surname isn't spelled the same as the drummer emeritus', but I'm sure he's heard it all. (You know, "When are you going to rejoin the band?")

    Dr. Barry is a dermatologist.
  7. by   KellNY
    Quote from BROOK9960
    I know an attorney with the last name of FINK
    Hehehe...I worked for Dr. Fink for a few years. He and his wife (also Dr. Fink) taught at the DO school.

    I now also work with a new doctor (1st year resident)....Doctor. Thats his name. He's Doctor Doctor. Yeah....One more thing to love about July!
  8. by   SuperFlyRN
    Call me crazy, but I think it is the child's personality that makes them unique not some crazy name that they have to keep correcting the spelling or pronunciation on. A study was done a while back at BU about "unique" names and apparently they found a lot of these kids received negative attention because of their names. From teachers, friends, etc.
    JMO of course.
    But, in keeping with the feel of the thread, my patient named her daughter Hadababe. Okay.
  9. by   RavenRaving
    How about Siggy Blue? Might be cute if the kid were normal, but she suffered anoxia and has a low I.Q. and deslexia.
  10. by   sunseeker
    I went to high school with:

    Miracle Biesecker and her sister Treasure Biesecker who happens to be a L&D RN.
    Jackie Jenny and her cousin Jennifer Jenny, who went by Jenny Jenny.

    Have a very merry:
    Chrissy Moss
    Chris Maslanka
  11. by   rnmommy23
    Here are my contributions

    I know 2 Samuel Adams (2nd parents didn't even know it was a beer)
    Mazy Grace (Amazing Grace)
    Crystal Balls
    Karl Karl Karl - first middle last, poor guy
    Marty Gras
    Rusty Pipe
    and my favorite by far
    Mom was named Spice, 1st daughter Sugar cute Sugar and Spice right? yeah the 2nd daughter was Sweet Candy KK :icon_roll
  12. by   rngreeneyez
    I have heard a few good ones..
    we had twins a few years ago. Orangejello,(orangello) and Yellowjello(ya-longello) of course it spelled orange and yellow jello..

    spatula, and the proud dad that named their sun "captain America"
  13. by   RNsRWe
    I haven't read anywhere close to this whole thread yet, but something worries me about it: I wonder what it would be like to have the child whose name is posted here as a joke (or, the parents who named that child) see that message? Certainly the parents could have avoided the teasing by choosing another name, but what about the child?

    I realize a name itself isn't confidential (hey, they were born, right? no secrets violated there) but I'd hate to have them see the mocking in print this way. Just my humble opinion.