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  1. hica19

    You're a nurse! How unfortunate

    great answer!
  2. hica19

    When will I get the hang of it?

    Yes I do seem to be taking care of more complex patients these days. I don't really mind that because that's how I learn. And there's still a lot of skills I have never done before or still not comfortable doing them by myself. Pretty much all the other nurses on the floor are willing to help. However they are really busy themselves with their own patients so it takes awhile before help is available. And whenever I give medications, I always double check, or even triple check (especially for the patients who have a whole bunch of medications to give). And there are times when patients or family members ask a lot of questions. Even though answering the questions takes away from me getting my work done, I don't want to leave the patients with questions unanswered.
  3. Sorry for another vent. Just been fustrated with myself at work lately. I've been working on my own as a RN for a month and a half, and I'm still not able to take a full patient load. There have been times when I felt I managed my time well enough to practically take on a full patient load. However things at work have been getting busier and busier since after New Years. Even though I have less patients than a lot of the other nurses, I still feel almost overwhelmed. I'm always on my feet answering patient questions as best I could, provide care, give medications, call doctors, get patients ready for procedures, etc. I try to get most of my charting done early in the day like I know I should. But then after that, I get so busy I don't find time to really catch up on my charting until after I give report to the oncoming shift. Whenever I try to, I keep getting interrupted with patient call light and such. And some patients just take up so much time that I feel like I'm behind quite a bit. The charge nurses sometimes have to remind me of newly written orders or whether I have done certain things or not. Each day I keep trying to think of ways to better my efficiency, but end up still behing behind. It is really fustrating. However it is really hard to measure how I'm supposed to be doing at this point since I'm the newest and least experienced nurse on the unit. Everyone else has at least a year and a half experience. One of the experienced nursing assistants told me I'm doing really well, but I still wonder.
  4. hica19

    What's your favorite type of patient?

    Nice alert and oriented patients who have really intersting stories to tell.
  5. hica19

    ipods at work

    when I worked night shift, I used to bring my cd player with me, but use it only when I'm on break. That's because breaks for night shift are different than breaks on dayshift. When people go on breaks for dayshift, they mostly just eat. When people go on breaks for night shift, most sleep. I'm not the type of person who sleeps so I would just rest in a comfy chair and listen to music to help me relax for a bit. But once my break is over, my cd player goes back inside my locker.
  6. hica19

    Oh God, A NURSE is my pt!!!!

    I've had plenty of patients who are nurses or have family members who are nurses or doctors. Most of which actually work in the same hospital I work at. I've never had any problems with them. In fact, they are some of the nicest patients I've ever had and I've enjoyed conversing with them when I get a chance to.
  7. I have been searching the net for information about this, but I could not find what I was looking for. I know about not rotate the affected hip internally, and when sitting, keep knees below hip. But if we have a total bedbound patient who needs a linen change, diaper change, or a suppository, how could we move the patient without affecting the hip? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  8. hica19

    Lunch and Dinner Breaks

    lunch breaks are mandatory where I work. Each morning, one of the first things the charge nurses do is ask us what time we want to take our breaks. When the time comes, they pretty much tell us to drop everything and go on break. If we have meds to give, we have other nurses to give them for us. Sometimes though I feel guilty taking breaks though when I still have so much to do. But then I realize in nursing, there really is no end to work until you go home. but back on topic...I usually make something a day or so ahead that can last me several days. Then I just throw everything into a microwave safe tuppeware type container and bring that with me to work. We have a refrigerator and two microwaves on our floor.
  9. hica19

    Help on adjusting to being new grad

    Thanks so much everyone as well! I'm in exactly the same boat as you all...new grad for 2.5 months...on my own for about a month or so. Some days I felt myself really progressing. But then there are days when I feel myself hit a stumbling block and things get rough. Like for today...things started out well...but then I got a new admission and things started to escalate out of control for me. It's mainly because there were a lot of skills that I had to do today that I've never done before...i.e. changing a PCA dose or flushing a NG tube. And because I've never done these before, I had to ask, which took up a lot of time. As a result, I was way behind on my charting and stayed over an hour later to finish up, and even then, things weren't as good as I would have liked it.
  10. hica19

    Nursing Stressful......Says Who?

    well nursing is a highly unpredictable career. You never know what you will be getting into each work day until you get there. And the stress level really fluctuates. Each time I work, my mind is moving a million miles an hour thinking of what I need to do, what I might be missing, etc. And I agree with a previous poster that even when I'm all caught up, I still feel like I'm missing something. I try my very best to keep it all together during work. Once I'm off though, I totally relax in front of the computer or tv. Before I became a nurse, I used to really love watching E.R, but these days it's one of the last shows I wanna watch now.
  11. hica19

    Eight or Twelve Hour Shifts

    The hospital I work at schedules the staff very well. Very very rarel do nurses work three 12 hour shifts in a row. It's usually one 12 hour on, one day off, two 12 hours on, and 3 days off. I find this kind of schedule working really well for me.
  12. hica19

    Patient is a famous star

    Wonder what kind of patient Britney Spears was when she had her children lol. Compliant? Noncompliant? Not that I would like to be her nurse.
  13. hica19

    Rotating Shifts?

    I work at a place that has rotating shifts. Our shifts are always 12 hours but we usually rotate between day shift and night shift every 4 weeks. I find it easier though to trasition from day shift to night shift than it is to transition for night shift to day shift.
  14. hica19

    Thank you's - memorable ones you've received?

    Recently I got quite a few presents from my patients. One told me I was her favorite nurse, and before she got discharged she gave me a vase of orchids. It was so pretty! And another patient kept requesting me to be his nurse on the days I'm working. His family gave me two presents and told the assistant nursing manager how much they enjoyed having me as a nurse.
  15. hica19

    Patient is a famous star

    Anthony Fedorov! The 4th place finalist of American Idol season 4. I've already told him I want to be his official tour nurse if and whenever he goes on tour LOL. He's had his share of medical care though. Tracheostomy at a very young age. See his scar? It's more prominent in other pics though. And his brother just recently died in September from Ewings Sarcoma...only one and a half years since the diagnosis. =(