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  1. How long does your unit leave in UAC's???

    Hey All, I would like information on how your units use UAC's. I know I have seen a posting on this before, but I can't find it. How long do you all leave them in? Do you use single or double lumens? What kind of parameters do you have for pulling t...
  2. "I don't know how you can do that!"

    Giraffe beds are wonderful. Our unit is supposed to buy 8 more. We love them. I agree with all the other NICU nurses. I would never do anything else. I love my job.
  3. Volunteers in NICU.

    Hello Everyone, I know that this has been a thread before, but we haven't had a program for it. I want to get a volunteer program started in our NICU. Any input from NICU's that are already using volunteers would be appreciated. What criteria do ...
  4. Volunteers?

    How many do you have trained to work in the units? How many work at one time? Or, do you have any limits?
  5. Volunteers?

    Hey Everybody, I'm trying to find out how many NICU's are using volunteers. What are they allowed to do? What kinds of rules, and regs do you have? What kind of background checks do you do? Thanks in Advance for you help.
  6. Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do

  7. Short gut babies

    I'm sure it was very difficult for the family. I am glad they were able to look past their loss, and do what was right for their child.
  8. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    LOL, I think this one tops them all. Well, like someone else said, she doesn't have to use her whole name. Crystal isn't so bad, or unusual. :rotfl: :roll
  9. Short gut babies

    I already e-mailed the link to 2 other nurses, and intend to talk to our surgeons about it the next time I see them. LOL, they won't hear the end of it from me till we're doing it and putting our babies on the registry for tracking.
  10. Short gut babies

    Thank you Gompers, I watched this and it explains, and shows the operation very well. I was glued till it finished. It gives me hope that it will work and sounds like it has been working for the ones who have already received the procedure. It is...
  11. Large v. Small NICU

    Yep, larger teaching hospital to learn then smaller to stay. Also, staffing is usually more of a problem at a larger hospital. So, you can choose your hours, and work more as you feel able. I went from a teaching hospital to a community hosp, th...
  12. NICU burnout?

    In our unit, 40 bed, most of the staff has been there for more than 10 years, alot of them for 20-30. We just had an RT who retired after 47 years. They go from relief, to full time, to part time according to what is going on in their lives. They...
  13. Short gut babies

    Thanks for the info.
  14. What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    You are right, however, I meet a lot of adult nurses that wouldn't step foot in my unit to work. Just like I won't step foot on an adult floor. I went to school so that I could do what I am doing, it was my goal, not the money. And, you consider ...
  15. What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    I never said we were. Sheesh.