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MemphisOBRNC has 23 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in L&D,- Mother/Baby.

I have worked in L&D for 23 years in Memphis, TN.

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  1. MemphisOBRNC

    Visitation policy of children in L&D/ Mother Baby/ LDRP

    Thanks to everyone for the responses. This helps a lot.
  2. MemphisOBRNC

    Fetal monitoring competencies

    Thanks, it does help. What city/ state are you in? And what is SLP?
  3. I would like to know what the visitation policy is for children in L&D/ Mother Baby/ LDRP at other hospitals and where the hospitals are. My hospital is in Memphis, TN. Our policy is siblings of the new baby can be any age but all other children (related or not) must be 12 or over. This even includes siblings of the parents. This causes a lot of dissatisfaction to patients, visitors and staff. I would like to compare our practice to that of other units. Please include at least the city and state in any reply. (Feel free to include any visitation for NICU, as well. Who is allowed to visit in NICU? Does at least one parent need to be present for other visitors to enter? Is ID required for non-parental visitors?)
  4. MemphisOBRNC

    Why does everyone need to be ACLS cert?

    What about L&D, Nursery and NICU? We have BLS and NRP. In the 25 years I have worked in OB, I have seen 1 patient who needed resuscitation, and she threw a PE. She needed BLS on the way to the OR, STAT.
  5. MemphisOBRNC

    Fetal monitoring competencies

    Does your unit require you to take the AWHONN Intermediate Fetal Monitoring course every 2 years in order to be deemed 'competent' in fetal monitoring? If you have taken the Intermediate course in the past 2 years, are you able to take the online competency assessment test offered on the AWHONN site in place of the Intermediate course? What other competencies are you required to validate, how often (every 1 or 2 years) and how do you do it? Sherry
  6. MemphisOBRNC

    IM Injection sites

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Ventrogluteal-Injection This shows how to locate landmarks, too. I get ALL IM injections here and refuse to get them anywhere else. There is little to no pain at all, no matter how thick the medication. With patients in pain, they don't have to turn to get an injection.
  7. MemphisOBRNC

    Question about reviewing case and fees

    Thank you. I just wasn't sure and didn't want the attorney to have a heart attack or anything.
  8. MemphisOBRNC

    Question about reviewing case and fees

    I have been asked to review a case that is not within my specialty, which the attorney knows. Is there a percentage of your specialty fee that you charge for reviewing cases out of your area of expertise?
  9. MemphisOBRNC

    How many L&D nurses rupture membranes or insert IUPC's?

    We apply ISEs on ruptured patients and insert IUPCs. We can apply an ISE on an UNruptured only per AWHONN guidelines.
  10. MemphisOBRNC

    On-Q Pain Ball after c/sections

    We tried this a couple of times at Bartlett and did not have much success. We haven't used it again since.
  11. MemphisOBRNC

    National Certification Corporation?

    I am certified by NCC, too. I also took the EFM test. It was more a personal goal for me, as my hospital does not recognize (pay more) for certification, which I think is a shame. From what I've read, most hospitals, at least around here, don't pay extra. Many will pay for the cost of the test, though. I HIGHLY recommend taking a prep course. The one I took was 2 days.
  12. MemphisOBRNC

    Fundal pressure

    Speaking of inductions working better after ROM, I just saw this article: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/564597?src=mp entitled Amniotomy Has Little Effect on Progression of Labor
  13. MemphisOBRNC

    Memphis hospitals - Please help

    I have been at St. Francis (both locations) for a total of 29+ years. I am now at the Bartlett location. Tenet is not a bad company at all. I have never worked doing 'floor nursing', though I know many of the nurses that do. You may want to try contacting Human Resources at various hospitals and ask about the turn-over rate of nurses and also ask about the patient satisfaction scores. St. Francis- Bartlett has been a 5 Star (the best) hospital and also received the J. D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital Award. I believe it was the first hospital in Tennessee to accomplish that and we are very proud of it! http://www.jdpower.com/corporate/news/releases/pressrelease.aspx?ID=2007053 :balloons: Good luck in your search.
  14. MemphisOBRNC

    Fundal pressure

    In my 22+ years of OB, I have done fundal pressure and continue to see one or two docs that do it now, mainly because they are inpatient. They are the same ones who want the patient to start pushing at about 8 cm, too. Suprapubic pressure can be helpful if you have a dystocia and need to get the shoulder down and under the symphysis pubis. Fundal pressure can actually wedge the shoulder against the symphysis. IF you ever do fundal pressure, do it from the patients right side to help prevent liver damage and make sure you can justify your reason if you end up giving a deposition!
  15. MemphisOBRNC

    Best Memphis hospitals for RN's

    The shift diff. for RN's at St. Francis (the big one and Bartlett) is $3.75, plus $1.00 for bedside, plus $1.00 for Charge nurse. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are usually time + 1/2.
  16. MemphisOBRNC

    Best Memphis hospitals for RN's

    Prinzessdy, that information is backwards. The 'big St. Francis' is the one closing their OB unit. St. Francis- Bartlett is doing fine.