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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   RDH-NrsgStudent
    Quote from lionkore
    I have a great-aunt named Fannie Mazeline.

    we call her Aunt Cricket! and I can't remember why!


    I went to school with two girls named Cricket (at different times).

  2. by   RDH-NrsgStudent
    Quote from leslieanne
    I knew a Dr. Love once, and very handsome he was...

    Liberty Dawn

    There's a whole generation of Danes with names like Hans Hansen, Jens Jensen, Lars Larsen......

    My Nana named her kids: Donna, Diana, Don and Peggy. I guess she ran out of D-names.

    I got to observe the delivery of a baby boy named Justis.
    One of my co-workers has a son named Justice and a brand-new baby girl named Lyric (pronounced just like song lyric (s) )!

  3. by   Siouxz2
    When my second son, Justin, was born, we just BARELY made it to the hospital to deliver. Once my water broke, that was all she wrote--he was on his way! Hubby wanted his middle name to be Time--Justin Time. Luckily, I vetoed that.
  4. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    Let's see...

    I know a guy named Richard Rash. He would get called "Dick" al the time for short, haha.

    My friend named her baby "Job," like in the Bible.

    I knew a guy named Spencer Taj Mahall in junior high and a girl named Cyn in high school (pronounced sin). There was also Miracle, Storm, Pepper, Breezy, Heavenly, and Happy (all girls).

    And my hubby went to school with Cinderella, who went by Cindy.

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  5. by   lucianurse
    I have heard many unusual names such as Q'uba and N'deaver.
  6. by   JnJTyson
    What about the craziest way you've seen a name spelled?? You can take a common name like Jane....and make it unique!!! Jaeyn...TADA!

    I've told my daughter its not Mommy....its Mohmee (Jk)

    name my daughter Brittknee?

  7. by   rn in 3 years
    Quote from rn/writer
    I'm glad we've moved beyond Joshua and Jennifer, but I wonder if there's such a thing as going too far. Twenty years from now, might we see a rebound generation named Robert and Thomas and Lisa and Annemarie?
    Hey, my daughter's name is Jennifer. I really love it. There were lots of Jennifer's in my high school but we have never come across another Jennifer the whole time my child has been going to school (she is in 7th grade now).

    We have a client named Dimple. She goes by Dee.

    My daughter has a friend named Mercedes. She has another friend named - and I don't know how on EARTH to spell it so I will pronounce it - Ka-ou-wee.

    There is a family we know with a daughter named Liberty.

    My nephew's name is Ethan. Not unusual except his middle name is Allen (Like the furniture company)

    My cousin named his daughter Falon (aparently it was a character on Falcon Crest or Dynasty)

    My mom had a friend who named her daughter Palma Lynn.

    Had a music teacher in Junior High who's last name was Eader. We use to joke that it was a good thing his parents didn't name him Peter

    Of course there is the neighbor who named her twins LemonJello & OrangeJello....JUST KIDDING :chuckle
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  8. by   J-9TylerTexas
    hehe, honestly I love the unique names... I don't like the "regular" set of names, John, Jane, etc. Some of the names you guys are listing I'd NAME a baby, well, not the whacky ones that are conglomorates of verbs or odd words and such, but like Cinnamon, Maverick, etc. Those are great.

    My son is Riordan Cian (Rye-or-dan Key-ahn).. it's celtic. He goes by Rory however 'cause most folks butcher it... will sign him up for school as Rory. He can have the option of using it later in life if he wants to be unique.

    My name is not terribly common though you do hear it, but I loved being the only "Janine" (Ja-neen) in my school/classes/whathaveyou. No one seems to ever pronounce my name right which surprises me cause it's not THAT uncommon.

  9. by   RuizN
    I don't usually post, this is only my second post, and I have been a registered user for a good while. I'm one who just reads, and laughs, at all the other posts; but I just had to post to this one.

    When I have extra time I go in and volunteer at my daughters pre-k. Anyway, on this day I was helping one of the other teachers glue some pictures on construction paper. I came across one that said Tiger Lilly, and said outloud "I wonder where they came up with that nickname, it's kinda cute". Go to find out, that is the childs true name...Tiger Lilly (first name) Gonzalez (last name)

    Poor Poor Baby
  10. by   Balder_LPN
    Quote from JnJTyson
    What about the craziest way you've seen a name spelled?? You can take a common name like Jane....and make it unique!!! Jaeyn...TADA!

    My friend who was once Sean, had his legal name changed to


    he tells people to say SHONE, he works in a lock down mental hospital, and I think he just did it to be funny...he always was an odd sort of fellow
  11. by   Canadian_Nurse
    Wow, my first posting!

    One of my coworkers had a Sassinette...

    Another patient liked the name Chlamydia...try and explain that one!

    It's amazing what people will do to their children without realizing it...I've almost wanted to call Children's Aid for some names out there!
  12. by   Balder_LPN
    Quote from anjel9
    anis o'squezit (often teachers would try to get around the isue by calling his name out ANAS during the role call.. but he would always correct them and say "its prounced ANUS OSQUEEZE IT)... not a joke... :imbar
    come on......THAT one has to be a joke.
  13. by   jaimemds
    As a jole when I was pregnent with my son, we said we were going to name him Billy Bob Beau Hunter Who's your Mama Friskey Taylor. We actually named him William Bradley
    By the way, Friskey is my maiden name, try growing up with that!