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  1. crjnursewarrior

    Unbelievable inmate requests

    Diminished dexterity from a yeast infection...hate it when that happpens. Hilarious! Your reply might be: Patient education given on where NOT to have your fingers.
  2. crjnursewarrior

    Research topic ideas?

    I agree this would be an excellent research topic for the correctional setting. As mrincc stated, you could approach it from an assessment angle focusing on what type of assessment is required to differentiate real pain with drug seeking activity, emphasizing the importance of sharp assessment skills in the correctional setting.
  3. crjnursewarrior

    Describe your dream LTC

    65 residents...65 nurses...65 CNAs...enough said!!
  4. crjnursewarrior

    Nurses Misbehaving While Caring For Inmates

    I agree with Orca...appropriate professional boundaries and distance are important for the correctional nurse. I, too, have seen many instances of nurses and officers crossing the line. A correctional nurse has to be "firm, fair, and consistent" at all times. Inmates can be manipulative, as we know, and don' do for one inmate anything you don't want to do for the entire inmate population. These are basic credos for the correctional nurse to live by...but I ask you how a nurse becomes involved with an inmate?? I, too, feel like some of these things are soo unbelieveable. We had a nurse that got fired for being involved with an inmate serving life sentence for murder...hello???? Hard to comprehend...they're crafty, I'll say that much for them. Also, like Orca, I have seen officers caught up in these messes, some I would NEVER have imagined and had the utmost respect for before the situation occurred. Correctional nurses and officers need to remember it is a CRIME (in most states a felony) to have sexual relations with a person in custody. That person does not have the legal ability to consent to a sexual relationship while in custody. These nurses and officers are taught this during training and yet it still happens. CRAZY!