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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   2spr0ut02
    [QUOTE=MamaTheNurse]when I worked L&D, we had a baby named "Tequila Rose"QUOTE]

    I have a cousin named Alize. I'm half puerto rican so i dont know if that's a spanish thing or if my uncle just really like the drink.

    I cant think of any names that havent already been mentioned. I always thought my name was weird, Ciji, but i've grown to like explaining where it came from. If anyone watched Knots Landing then you'll know. The downsid is getting people to pronounce it right like C G. if they do say it then they ask oh what does that stand for? At least i didnt get stuck with Placenta or something.
  2. by   lucianurse
    How about names such as Marigold and Mariesilver. A lady whom I knew very well was adamant that she name her godchild Marigold, reason being that "Midas" named his daughter Marigold and everything she touched turned to gold. The mother was so impressed with the name that she named her other daughter Marisilver.

    In another situation a priest insisted that the godmother name a boy St. Rose because he was born on "St. Rose's day."
  3. by   Misty1
    Quote from journeynme
    SOME OF THE WACKIEST NAMES...Straight to you from Hollywood

    Parent: Actress Shannyn Sossamon

    Parents: Actress Rachel Griffiths & husband Andrew Taylor

    Parents: Singer Toni Braxton & husband Keri Lewis

    Parents: UK TV personality Anna Ryder Richardson & husband Colin MacDougall

    Parents: Live Aid founder Bob Geldof & UK TV personality Paula Yates

    Parents: Rapper Lil' Mo & husband Al Stone

    Parents: Singer Jermaine Jackson & now ex-wife Alejandra

    Parents: Actress Julia Roberts & Camera man husband Danny Moder

    Parents: Actor Jason Lee & girlfriend Beth Riesgraf

    Parents: Korn frontman Jonathan Davis & porn star wife Deven Davis

    Parents: TV Chef Jamie Oliver and wife Julie Oliver

    Parent: Singer Erykah Badu

    Parents: Director Robert Rodriguez & wife Elizabeth Avellan

    Parents: Actor Ving Rhames & wife Deborah Reed

    Parents: Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon & wife Yasmin Parvaneh
    Two more Hollywood babies.....Apple and Coco
  4. by   breastfeedingRN
    when i worked in peds, we had boy named vicious love SMITH (or whatever it was) poor kid. his parents were both pretty wild looking, both had spiky hair and piercings, but still. vicious love.
  5. by   bethin
    Sunshine Love Flower ----Sad but true. Poor, poor child. There's no way to shorten that and make it sound good. Well, she could go by Flo.
  6. by   bethin
    How about Candy Land?? Her legal wasn't Candance, but Candy. :chuckle

    Quote from leslieanne
    I knew of a girl with an interesting name back in highschool.

    The story went that after a traumatic pregnancy/delivery a baby girl was born. Her mother was inspired to name her daughter Miracle. Nice hunh? It so happens that the last name was Fingers, hence the name Miracle Fingers.

    Turns out Mom knew what she was doing, little Miracle turned out to be a fantastic basketball player.
  7. by   BlueYYsRN
    Once, there was this lady and she had twins. She didnt know what to name them so she named them after the foods she craved when she was pregnant...Lemon jello and Orange jello!

    Seriously, I first heard that story in 1989, right after I graduated from nursing school and started in NICU at a large teaching hospital. I heard that one and about the lady who thought the hospital had named her baby....Fe Male' or the lady that thought Chlamydia was a beautiful name. These stories have gone around for years.

    If Lemonjello and Orangejello do exist out there somewhere do you think they have a clue about their place in medical folklore?

    I went to school with Beaver Funk. Thats no joke, he was very nice. I hope he changed his name.

    My little sister was almost named Pebbles Lynn.

    I think I will start keeping a record of silly names. When they come up I always tell myself I will remember them but I never do.
  8. by   eandgsma
    Ok, so growing up I thought I was the only one with a strange name. I have come across quite a few recently now that my own kids are in school.

    A few that come to mind and some in my friends kids school are:

    Trajan (is that the condom that failed you?)
    Edoard (aren't we missing an O at the end?)
    Quinn for a boy
    Jade for a boy
    Jaden for a girl
    Aidan for a girl

    And now mine...Nyree is my name and I get asked at least 3 times a week about it. It has nothing to do with my heritage, not a family name, nothing. My parents saw a show 30 odd years ago and it was the name of an actress on the show. Even weirder..she changed the spelling from Ngaire to Nyree so it was spelled how its pronounced. She was from New Zealand.

    - Nyree
  9. by   k_cole21
    Omega Blue

    Big brother's name was Z Mazwell....Z just the letter no Zee just Z
  10. by   sammybabie
    Went to school with a Gail Storm

    Had a music teacher who called here 3 daughters, Melody, Harmony and Symphony and her son Timphany.

    Worked with a Dot Dash

    At work we have a Truelove, Blossom, Princess and Dorcas.

  11. by   KarafromPhilly
    Met a Lorraine who married a Middle Eastern guy--you guessed it--Lorraine Hussein.
    Also a LOL named Mittie, and a girl named Blendia (why? no idea).
  12. by   AlabamaBelle
    Actual names from our NICN and PICU:

    Acknowledge A Blessing
    Heaven L'Angel MiJoy
    Harry Peter (he was the III - went by the nickname of "Hank")

    We had one little girl whose neuro assessment got skewed because she would not respond to us when we called her by her name - we did the best we could - family was very offended we could not pronounce her name correctly - I can't remember exactly - something like Chutea - the pronunciation was nothing near what the spelling appeared to be.

    Truth is always stranger than fiction.
  13. by   Siouxz2
    Did a rotation in our NICU a few weeks ago. Surviving twin was named Lavita (reminds me of the ED drug!). Twin that did not survive was named Medusah.