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MistyDawnRN06 is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Sweat Book

    I private messaged you.
  2. Going to CRNA school and surviving financially?

    Oh, and I would recommend establishing residency where you want to go to school. The people paying out-of-state tuition are really up a creek where financial aid is concerned..... I'm also thankful my program is a state school and that I'm not tryi...
  3. Average age of SRNA?

    My program ranges from 24-48 years old. I started at age 32. Average age in my program is probably upper 20s.
  4. Going to CRNA school and surviving financially?

    I spent 1 1/2 years paying off all my debt and accumulating savings before I began CRNA school, and boy am I glad I did! Paying off your debt helps get your credit in good standing, which helps get you the best rates on loans. I would also recommen...
  5. Is CRNA school as difficult as people said?

    CRNA school is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. There will be days when you wonder why you did this to yourself. And then there will be days when you find it rewarding and remember why you're doing it :). I can only tell you about ...
  6. Dismised from NAP-- Any chance of getting into another?

    This is tough to answer not knowing the whole story or having witnessed any of the issues.... My program will interview applicants that were dismissed from other programs, but you need to have a letter from your previous program saying you are eligib...
  7. What chem/physics book do you use?

    Hey everyone, We're starting chem and physics in my program (2nd semester), but our book doesn't seem like the best. What book do you use in your program and do you like it? Thanks!
  8. Anyone know of decent private loan options?

    There's no need to be rude about it Wolf. I was looking for advice from anyone with experience taking out personal loans for school. I figured out how to Google a long time ago.... I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried WellsFargo, ...
  9. Anyone know of decent private loan options?

    Hey, Does anyone have any experience with private loans for school? If so, which would you suggest and which would you avoid? Thanks!
  10. How much does your school cost? I'll go first.

    Haven't started my program yet, but will be attending FIU in Miami. Projected program cost about $45K, Health insurance $2 to 4K a year depending on the plan selected through the school, plus cost of living for 28 months in Miami. All in all, looki...
  11. CRNA School and Financial Aid

    Hey all, I'm starting my CRNA program next month. After crunching the numbers, it doesn't seem like we were awarded enough financial aid to live on. I've never used aid before, so this is a first and a bit scary. Anyone have any advice about finan...
  12. Typical ... or even actual... book list.

    Required: Nurse Anesthesia by John J Nagelhout and Karen L Plaus Basics of Anesthesia by Robert K Stoelting and Ronald D Miller Pharmacology & Physiology in Anesthetic Practice by Robert K Stoelting and Simon C Hiller Anesthesiology: Problem-Orie...
  13. CRNA question....

    P.S. Make sure you shadow some CRNAs! It would be good to get a letter of recommendation from one when it is time! Good luck! I got accepted :)
  14. CRNA question....

    I can only speak for the CRNA programs in Florida. First, all CRNA programs require a bachelors degree either in nursing or in another science. I would suggest getting a BSN and working hard to improve your grades. Second, take some sciences and ki...
  15. Disappointed with AACN's NTI 2010 Washington, DC

    I too was disappointed with NTI 2010 in DC. It was my first NTI and I've been an ICU nurse for 4.5 years. While it was fun and empowering to see so many nurses that share my profession, I didn't glean much from the classes. I am a self-driven stud...