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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   kbclary4
    I saw a woman on Wheel of Fortune the other day named Vendetta.
  2. by   Montessori Mommy
    I once met a little girl who was named Bliss. After the birth of her older sister, her mother had numerous miscarriages. When her second daughter was born, the mom named the little girl what she felt: Bliss!!

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    Took care of a Lovie one time (female) and a Bliss (male).
  3. by   Grandma Susie
    Quote from Kalico
    I once talked to a gentleman whose first name was Harry and last name was Dick....His parents must have hated him
    How about Richard Hare - Goes by Dick.
  4. by   fotografe
    one of my friends did drag and his drag name was Cinnamon Toast.

    Quote from stevierae
    I actually LOVE the name Cinnamon---wish I had thought to name one of my daughters that! Cinnamon was kind of a popular name in the early '70s, especially among Neil Young fans (like me!) who loved his song "Cinnamon Girl."

    Sage was a popular name, then, too, for boys AND girls. Sylvester Stallone's first son is named "Sage Moonblood Stallone." Laurel was a popular gir's name then, too.
  5. by   michelenurse11
    I met a young couple in Mother/Baby who named their new baby girl.........

    Fancyrose...one whole word. I felt really bad for her.
  6. by   RN4BABES
    Quote from rnlabornurse4u
    i decided, since the 2nd "strange baby names" thread was getting so long, let's start another.


    twins from last night - gypsy and cinnamon. (what a great start to their porn/stripper careers)

    orion - (baby boy) - ok, this one did have a romantic, constellation engagement story behind it, so it's not so bad, but still a strange, out-there name.

    orzio - another baby boy - poor kid

    and, drumroll please..................... :hatparty:

    happy birthday to the winner of the year:

    queen messiah jesus christ

    oh yes, that was the baby's full, legal name for the birth certificate. oh how wonderful.

    give me a few more births to attend at work, and i'm sure to have more to add. i have definitely noticed a trend towards the unusual/unique names lately. some of them sound and look just like random letters thrown together, that i can't even recall them once i get home.

    the poor, poor kids........

    l&d rn
    weirdest name i heard was a baby girl named "amber olive green".
  7. by   skemergirl
    I went to my friends graduation a few years ago at McKendree College in Lebanon, IL and there was a girl graduating that day with the name Jekyll Ann Hyde (as in Jekyll & Hyde) She totally goes by the name Jekyll Ann. Wierd
  8. by   shell_rn
    Here are some I have come across, OB doc from India I think named Dr Cutshe pronounced "coochie" another OB doc named her first 3 after potatoes since she grew up on a potato farm Yukon and Magnus boys, Winter girl and last son Ruger. We recently had a Nevaeh. Also in the past Wyndam, Katana, Typhany, Acacia, Eleni, Hermione, Raija, America, Declan, Domojia, Rider, Cordell, Rico, Cienna, Alasia, Lakota, Vayda, Ryne, Bo, Jistien, Blade, Chayton, Bennett, Brylie, Taj, Armiena, Jorryn, Claydrian, Brynn, Sonny, Zephania, Junior, Briar, Contessa, Dyani, Urban, Myshia, Aiyana, Ayla, Shyla, Yasmean, Aurora, Cadense, (my son-Holten), Ryland, Stormy, Caulden, Tirzah, Linus, Bryten, Adara, Linnea and that's just the last 4 yrs worth....
  9. by   Rnannie94
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    I work with a nurse named "Twinkle". Lovely name, excellent nurse.

    we have a unit secretary named sparkle
  10. by   Candinrse
    My daughter had a few for my new Grandson to be....Started out with "Maximus"......HAIL CaeSER!!! That one thankfully went by the wayside.
    Final determination is " Haydan" I think she watched too much TV. I told her with that name, I'm gonna call him "Coach!" LOL
  11. by   oneillk1
    Quote from Klondike
    I work with a nurse named "Twinkle". Lovely name, excellent nurse.
    A midwife at the hospital I work at is called Comfort. Also one of the surgeons is called Robbie Robertson. And I once met a man called Gary Gray! What are parents thinking
  12. by   CathRNCA
    A friend has kids in school with a brother and sister named Myking and Myqueen.
  13. by   loriangel14
    A friend of mine is a school teacher and she had a student named Bunny
    Delight LaRue. How thoughtful, her parents gave her a stage name! She also had
    a sister named Misty, another lovely stage name.Both girls were pretty blondes too.