What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 158

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   Pattiecake
    Melena was the name for the special lucky girl. Even when I explained to the mother what it meant, she still insisted.
  2. by   turnupthewarmer
    In the past year at our hospital, we have had two named "Pho Evah". For one baby it was her middle name with the first and last names being very common and not unusual. For the other baby, it was her first name.
  3. by   dawn12376
    I had a patient with a child named Tiger.
  4. by   shier
    knew a guy named "Comingsoon"
    i don't know if they derived it from the movies or somewhere else...

    i had a distant relative, a girl named "Arginine"
  5. by   shann106
    Jeckles Star, I know I must have looked at that mother like she had 3 heads, and there was a long silence while I tried to figure out what to say
  6. by   cpillow
    Quote from Paprikat
    My girlfriend told me about a couple that named their kid "Blue" because that was the colour he was when he came out...
    Oh, no!!!!
  7. by   claire_0068
    wow i cant believe that there are 2 babies in this world named placenta. i thought the one i saw was the only one. thats so nasty! lol.
    we also had a tennis instructor name his twin girls venus and serena. thougth that was too funny
  8. by   j_audrey
    my hubby went to school with a Krista Shanda (Guess the last name!) I had to check the year book because I totally didn't believe them!
    Side story from my past... My mother loves the band Bread and the song they did "Aubrey". My name was supposed to be "Aubrey Lee".
    She couldn't remember how to spell Aubrey after 45 minutes of labor and the nurse wanted my name 'Right this minute' for the paperwork.
    My dad named me Jennifer Audrey.
    My mom gets reminded of the fact she is a blonde ALOT. LOL
  9. by   jennfinn
    My second day in L&D clinicals my patient named her baby Jeopardy! Now I ask you, how is a nursing student supposed to respond to that? I tried my hardest to not look shocked, but i'm sure I didn't do a very good job!
  10. by   ozoneranger
    Vaseline Love had to be the best.
    Emergancy pronounced (EM-ER-jan-C) She wanted to name her child after the hospital that she went to & that was what she read on the sign outside.

    Twins lemonjello & orangejello (le-mon-JA-lo) (or-lan-JA-lo)
  11. by   Laurinq
    Fellow student in middle school > *eatherly *igglesworth
    * = W
  12. by   momofstudent
    Quote from KRVRN
    Montserrat, for a girl.

    Nice, I suppose, but she was in the NICU and someone made her a cute name sign. At first glance it looked like "Monster rat"
    Hey I always thought Montserrat was a wonderful name especially since that opera star has the same. But, OH my, it is close to monster rat, too close for americans.
  13. by   momofstudent
    Quote from 33-weeker
    Here's a comment made by a school teacher I know after hearing about this...

    "That will be just wonderful for everyone that has to call her name out loud. I get some of these half/baked, 'creatively spelled' names when I have to do attendance. I also get A LOT of attitude from the child(ren) when I mispronounce it because I have read it as it is written. I hate the attitude! If they have been 'blessed' with the dumb name; they need to take it in stride or give the attitude to the ones that named them that.

    "I have finally just taken to so saying, 'No, I didn't mispronounce it, someone misspelled it.' leaving the child to wonder if it was computer error on my page - when what I really mean is your dumb butt parents did this to you, so just deal with it."
    Did a teacher really do that? So sorry to hear she was punishing the child for having dumb butt parents.