What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 118

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   AR_RN
    Quote from FroggieLiz

    On a side note, did everyone hear about the couple who wanted to name their child "4real"? They were denied because a name can only be characters, not numbers...some people just don't make any sense to me at all!

    You forgot to mention that, at least according to the article I read last night, if the courts won't let them name the baby 4Real, they're going to name him Superman and just call him 4Real. You've gotta wonder what some people are thinking.
  2. by   eden
    Thank you Arwen. By now the Orangejell/Lemonjello twins should be somewhere around number 500 on the top 1000 baby names list:trout:
  3. by   KJRN79
    We have a wonderful, cute 3 year old boy in our preschool who's legal name escapes me at the moment (it is unusual, but not "weird")...Anyway, if you ask this child his name he tells you "Number One" and holds up one finger. He really is adorable and most people DO call him Number One. He's at least the fourth child in the family, but he may be the first boy.
  4. by   rn/writer
    Took care of a Hispanic child whose parents named her Malaria.
  5. by   samsmom95
    My friend named her daughter Lyric.
  6. by   Butterfly03
    My cousin named her daughter Purpose Divine (first and middle)...tried to talk her out of it
  7. by   junebug62
    back in the 80's at UVA ,Clitorious Ureathea. I kid you not.
  8. by   me_daffy
    When it came time for my hubby and I to decide on a name for my son he reminded me of a bet we made years ago about him naming our 1st born... His name is Willie Moon (will he moon) sometimes we call him Will(will moon)...Its a family name, so I guess if the others could make it through school, he can too.. He wanted to name him Neon or Blue
  9. by   oneillk1
    Quote from babynurselsa
    Let's see there was Vinita (name of the town where the State Hospital was located), then there was Polaris (mom saw it on a sign), the twins named Sunny and Hunny(note the spelling), many many Heavens, Heaven Leighs, Miracle (which is usually an oxymoron), Precious Angel, and Lovely.
    I have formulated a set of rules I wish we could get legislated.
    #1 If the child will never be able to say or spell the name.
    #2 If the child will never be able to pronounce the name.
    #3 If it will get them beat up at school.
    #4 If it is just plain stupid.
    Then we will assign you a name for your baby.
    You know that rings a bell. Is it Iceland? Anyway, there is a country where there is a government mandated list of baby names (including spelling!!!!) and the parents pick one. They don't get a choice. Hooray!!!!!

    In ICU we have started keeping a list of the creative names. Had a Rikhi, Levhi, oh I can't remember the rest but there were about 5 kids, the mum said that she wanted all the kids to have interesting names and they had to have an h and an i. Ok.
    We recently had a maximus. The parents said they got it off the Gladiator. Poor little bugger. And no, it wasn't shortened to Max.
  10. by   Diary/Dairy
    Mom's favorite names from when she worked NICU were Millionaire Fontaine J.
    She also said that there were twins there once who were given different last names than either the father, mother AND other twin.
  11. by   santhony44
    Interesting spellings:
  12. by   BabyRN2Be
    Going along with santhony's post, one of the current shuttle astronauts has the spelling of "David" as "Dafydd." I guess his mom wanted a very different spelling. He goes by "Dave."
  13. by   rn/writer
    Quote from BabyRN2Be
    Going along with santhony's post, one of the current shuttle astronauts has the spelling of "David" as "Dafydd." I guess his mom wanted a very different spelling. He goes by "Dave."
    This is the Welsh spelling of David. St. David is the patron of Wales. What is the astronaut's last name. That might indicate Welsh ancestry.