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The hospital where I work recently banned videotaping in the labor & delivery suite. There's a big sign on the entrance door to the unit. The technician who told me about it believed that the... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    I am tired of going to a delivery and a camera is up in my face while we are trying to get a baby to breath or intubating for thick mec! It's enough pressure as it is without worrying about the slightest thing ending up in court!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    You always have the right to tell them to turn it off. No one has the right to tape you without your permission, really. And during a complicated delivery/neonatal resuscitation, I would make sure they turned off their cameras, if at all possible. This is why I think having the policy disallowing them during birth is not a bad one. Were it not such a litigious world out there, it would be different. But we know how it really is.
  3. by   Gompers
    Quote from Mimi2RN
    I was happy when management decided to restrict the use of cameras at deliveries. I've seen family members taking photos of mom with her legs spread apart, and the baby not even crowning! Tacky, tacky!
    Tell me about it! A friend of mine once came to work with pictures of her new grandchild. She didn't warn anyone that the pictures STARTED with the baby crowning. I didn't want to see that! I would shoot my mother if she not only took pictures of that, but then brought them to work to show people! I really really don't understand why anyone would want to look at those kinds of pictures, except maybe the parents.

    Of course, I also am one of those people that feels, quite simply, that except for medical personell...if you weren't at the conception, you shouldn't be invited to the delivery! I just think it's way too private to share, in person, OR on video or pictures...
  4. by   LDRNMOMMY I won't apologize. Quick thinking and skill saved your baby...sorry you didn't have a kodak moment. Unfortunately..the only thing the family remembered is that they didn't get pictures till the baby came out of transitional nursery. And because of Mr. Press and Mr. Ganey...I will only be remembered for that fact only. (sorry..rant about an off topic)
    You just know that patient will be one of the randomly selected persons to get a frickin survey. Murphy's Law. :wink2:
  5. by   Gompers
    Quote from LDRNMOMMY
    You just know that patient will be one of the randomly selected persons to get a frickin survey. Murphy's Law. :wink2:
    YEP! And instead of writing, "The L&D staff saved our baby's life!!!" they're going to write, "The L&D staff was very rude to us and we were not able to get photos of the first few minutes of our baby's life."
  6. by   babyktchr
    Quote from Gompers
    YEP! And instead of writing, "The L&D staff saved our baby's life!!!" they're going to write, "The L&D staff was very rude to us and we were not able to get photos of the first few minutes of our baby's life."

    That is EXACTLY what happened. I was even more frustrated and angry when the manager questioned me about my motivation to NOT let them take pictures. I know my mouth was on the floor, and I just couldn't speak any longer.
  7. by   KellieNurse06
    I can see the reasoning with this..... andone thing that I personally feel is very bizarre is when the entire family is in the room during the the father of the mom & the father of the dad as well as any other extended family...........I always thought where is the modesty or sanctity in that? I mean I think it is a bit much that a womans father or her hubby/boyfriends father is there seeing everything down below..........when I had my daughter it was me & my husband and everyone else got a phone call after she was born, then they all came to see us after.........I would just be majorly self conscious showing my private area to my entire family & in birth or not :uhoh21: ....jmo....
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Matt's already been threatened: baby only, no "door" to the world.
  9. by   fedupnurse
    I just can't help but remember an old Joan Rivers monologue when she was filling in for Johnny Carson (any of you who just thought Johnny who-please slap yourselves!!!!) and she was talking about filming deliveries which was new back then and the camcorders were a general surgeons dream because they were so big and heavy they had to have produced a ton of hernias. Anyway Joan says "have you ever gone to a friends house for dinner and they show the film of their baby being born??? How disgusting is that??? I keep telling them put that film in reverse and lets see that baby disappear!!!"
    The people who complain about not being able to take pics are the same ones who show up when someone is on their deathbed professing to be the person best firend their whole life. Then you find out later they met once in a supermarket years ago.....
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  10. by   ShannonSRN
    I tell parent's (and fully believe), when asked about photos, even if they don't ask...'We prefer you wait until we verbally give you permission to take photos, I want you to take home glorious pictures of your healthy baby and mommy.'
    If for some reason they decide to take photos without permission (during a "bad baby" situation) I offer this explination...'Please turn off your camera, you do not want to take home pictures of this moment'. If the camera continues to flash, they are taking pictures of my hand on the lense! They usually get the hint. I take a moment after things resolve to explain further, and cushion any hurt feelings.
    Families don't understand the situation at hand, we deal with this everyday, they do not. Press Ganey is a bunch of bull, it hard to care about customer service scores when saving a life!
  11. by   PegRNBSN
    No video during birth until okay is given. Our risk management came up with this policy after several law suits elsewhere in the state where video alteration was believed to have occurred.
  12. by   canoehead
    Heaven knows I have been to several deliveries when a family member would ask me to remove the mask for just a second so they could take a picture of the baby. Hello!? Let's get the poor child breathing before their debut.
  13. by   BittyBabyGrower
    No videotaping anywhere in our hospital period. L/D was years ago, now it is in the NICU also after a dad left a video recorder running on purpose and we found it. Legal confiscated the tape.

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