Placenta previa - on bedrest & depressed

  1. Hello to all. Since I work in a CTS unit, and have no OB experience other than my clinical rotation back in school, I'd like to ask you seasoned OB nurses about something that's a major concern in my life right now. I'm 22 wks pregnant with our forth child, and they found a complete placenta previa a couple of weeks ago by US. On Thursday night I started bleeding, went to the hospital, & now - well, I don't have to tell you I'm sure, but bedrest is the doc's order. Having become a total hypocondriac since beginning nursing, I am worried about all the possibilities. From your experiences in OB, have the outcomes for patients with placenta previa been ok? I mean, do you generally see things go well and mom and baby go home healthy, or do you see more negative outcomes?

    Thanks for reading.
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  3. by   anitame
    I'm sorry to hear this Louise. It's got to be hard being on bedrest and worried sick with 3 little ones.
    Well, at 22 weeks you're definitely too early to deliver and there is a wide variation in what happens with previas. Some patients remain on bedrest until term and then deliver a healthy baby via c-section. Others are hospitalized several times for bleeding and have their baby early via c-section. Your best bet is to be vigilant about remaining on strict bedrest; no easy feat with 3 other children, but it is VITAL at this time. If it appears you will have to deliver preterm, your caregiver might choose to give you IM steroids to help speed the development of the baby's lungs.
    Get lots of help lined up at home. And go to bed
    Good luck,
  4. by   duckie
    I'm not an OB LN but I will tell you that I am thinking of you and praying for a safe and healthy delivery. PLEASE do what your MD says. Call on family and friends to help you through this, accept help when it is offered and remember, we're all thinking of you and caring deeply. PLEASE keep us posted and I'll keep you in my prayers.
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    most of the previas i have seen have done very well, just follow orders and get bedrest. things should be ok, of course I am sure they instructed you to follow pelvic rest also.. yes doc may opt for steriods to develope lungs and deliver a little early. but don't worry about that cross that bridge when you get there. remember each day that goes by the better it is. you may bleed on and off this happens and will be ok.
    my sister in law had same problem and made it to 36 weeks at which point they choose to do c/s. and everyone is fine. good luck
  6. by   Texagain
    Also, I would be prepared for a long term hospitalization after reaching viability, especially if you have another bleeding episode.

  7. by   dawngloves
    I have a couple of websites for you.Sidelines It hooks you up with a support person while on bedrest, usually a BTDT. I voluteered for them and then needed their services. Great group!
    Here's one for Previa, great info! Club Previa
    Good luck!
  8. by   renerian
    I had placenta previa for baby number 2. She turned out fine. When she turned and lowered into birth position they did an ultrasound and the placenta pulled off the cervix. I had a vag delivery. Had bleeding problems off and on despite bedrest. No riding in car or housework.(that is what dr. told me at least) I Had a 1.5 year old to watch. No help. WE watched tons of movies and cartoons every day. I had bleeding right after baby birth but it quickly stopped. I also had pit for all my babies. Natural childbirth. Was up walking within the hour after stitches.

    Maybe a story from another nurse who had this problem will make you feel better.

  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I cannot offer any more advice or wisdom than the wonderful folks above have. I agree w/Mark. Previa, while a serious diagnosis can result in a healthy delivery and baby if you follow dr orders to a tee. I have seen countless patients with placenta previa go on to delivery healthy babies and do well. Maybe, the placenta will "migrate" a bit up the uterus as your uterus grows with pregnancy. That is not unheard-of. (it does not actually move itself, but the uterus pulls it up as it grows, as renerian described above). This would be great and yes, I have seen it happen. If not, still do not despair, with a good diet, rest and plenty of water and TIME, my earnest hope is all will go perfectly the day you do deliver (which obviously, with a complete previa will be by csection). Hang in there and try those sites suggested. The internet is sure a wonderful thing...wish it were around when I WAS ON BEDREST w/ds! Good luck and please do not hesitate to ask any question that comes to mind! Feel free to PM me if you wish.
  10. by   Cheerio
    I had complete previa with my second, and from week 18-28 pretty much laid around. I had a 13mo old at the time, and we spent lots of time on the couch and just laying around. I bled quite a bit in the beginning, but about 25wks, things got so much better. At my 28wk U/S everything looked great, the placenta had moved up as the uterus grew and I went on to have a vaginal birth. I hope things work out for you, just rest, things will be just fine
  11. by   louloubell1
    Thank you all for your thoughtful replies & support. Everything is just so stressful now & I'm really trying to stay calm & positive. The bedrest thing is hard, and I'm developing a new respect for patients that must be on bedrest, bless their hearts. I also feel horrible for my husband who now has to shoulder all the household responsibilities by himself & my kids who are having to make their own sacrifices right now too.

    Aside from all the worries re:the rest of my pregnancy & the birth, there's all the ring-around-the-rosy I'm having to play with work (getting my leave approved, filing a temp disability claim, explaining to a cold manager exactly what's going on, getting my sick pay paid right, etc). It just all is combining to make this a difficult time.

    I truly do appreciate that you all have taken the time to listen, respond, & care. I can't even tell you what it means to me.

    May the Lord God richly bless your lives!
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Louise we all wish you well. Let us know how you are doing from time to time!
  13. by   finallyRN
    The only advice I can offer is what everyone else has said. STAY IN BED. If you have no more significant bleeding incidents, there should be no reason you can't carry this child to term and have a healthy baby. Best of luck.

  14. by   mother/babyRN
    {{{}}} I too had a complete previa...I pretty much willed the darn thing to move, but alas, it would not. Bedrest ( or couch arrest, as I called it), occurred while my husband was out to sea and during the heat of the summer. It pretty much drove me nuts BUT I tried to keep myself busy with reading and the like. Course, there is only so much one can do with that. I also had friends that came over to check on me and hang out...And, I fashioned a portable toilet downstairs as mine was upstairs. Sounds gross but you know how often a pregnant person has to void. Unlike you, I didn't have any bleeding and ended up with an emergency c/s due to PIH, toxemia. Still, while watching the whole Princess Di thing unfold forever over CNN, I became quite proficient in current events, and everytime I was sure I was going to go nuts, would envision that beautiful baby that I would eventually be holding. Think of how often you can be on the boards talking to us! One friend organized more friends all over the place to put together quilt squares that they sent and we put together so I would have a memory of that time ( not that I could ever forget)..Maybe your friends and family (maybe us??) could somehow arrange to send you lots of cards and letters or fun things to keep you occupied. My nurse practitioner gave me a book all about the difficulty of bedrest. Wish I could recall the title, but there is a lot out there..One thing I recall is that if you are the one used to doing things, and if you are in any way connected to nursing, you probably are, the role changes in the family can be difficult for everyone. Take care and hang in there. The outcomes are pretty good. Not everyone has multiple episodes of bleeding either....