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I started a new job in December at a larger hospital, avgs 30-40 deliveries a month. I know that doesn't sound large but at my last job a good month was 20. I have personally delivered more... Read More

  1. by   kimmicoobug
    My friend was able to catch the head of a precip, just as the ER doc ran into the room. He was able to catch the rest only after the nurses pushed him into it.
  2. by   nrsnan_1
    Count me among those who have stopped counting how many babies I have caught. It just happens.

    All L&D nurses should be skilled at baby catching because it WILL happen. At my very first job, I had a wonderful group of OB docs who would teach us how to catch babies. That teaching protected the mom/babies, the docs and the nurses. A calm nurse who knows how to deal with tight nuchal cords, shoulder dystocia, nonreassuring babies, etc. can do what needs to be done.

    One place I worked wanted the ER docs to be called for the birth which we did for a while, until so many bad things happened that they decided that wasn't such a good idea afterall. The ER docs did not have as much knowledge and skill as the L&D nurses in catching babies.
  3. by   sbic56

    ITA. Who else best to catch the baby in the absence of the OB than the nurse? After assisting with countless deliveries, an experienced OB nurse is clearly more capable of performing a delivery than an ED doc. It is part of the job. (And an exhilerating one at that!)
  4. by   winterblue
    I have yet to catch my first baby after over a year in OB. It is a rare event where I work because there is almost always someone around, so if needed we call overhead for any OB or midwife in house to come to the LDR. I am so glad we are trained to catch babies so that I know what to do if (WHEN) it does happen.

    Looking at these posts, I am so lucky that in my hospital we have the "luxury" of 24-hr access to anesthesia...we are able to pick up a phone in the LDR and have NICU resus come downstairs in seconds...I realize how rare this is. I can't even imagine working in a unit that does less than a thousand deliveries a month. We do at least 1200-1300. The other day we broke our 24-hr record of deliveries-- 78.
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