New Grad opportunities in L+D/OB nursing

  1. Hey all,

    I'm going to be a recent graduate (graduate in May - hooray!) and my passion is labor and delivery, or women's health in general. The advice I've gotten over the past few months has been split pretty evenly between working on a med/surg floor for a couple of years before trying to move to L+D, or following my passion and applying for L+D jobs directly. I've decided that I am going to try as best I can to get a job on labor and delivery right out of the gates, but if it doesn't happen it can't hurt to get experience elsewhere first.

    Long story short: What I'm looking for are leads to places that are open to hiring new grads in labor and delivery. I'm willing to relocate anywhere - it's almost impossible to get a new grad position in labor and delivery in Columbus Ohio, and I know that. Does anybody have good leads on hospitals, cities, or even states where I might find more luck?
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    I think you should follow your passion. I don't have any leads but here is a thread that changed my whole outlook on the job search. I applied these tips to my search and have had atleast 6 job offers. I finally got hired in OB after a year in ICU and I'm beyond ecstatic. Good luck in your search.
  4. by   monalunaxo
    HI, I'm here in california, Bakersfield has a bunch of new grad opportunities right now check this post:

    Dignity Health Careers - New Employees

    also is an awesome way to check for RN jobs all over the US.

    GOOD luck !!!
  5. by   notallwhowander
    Thanks! That Bakersfield job sounds perfect, I'm applying today Thanks to both of you guys for replying. I'm starting to get pretty nervous.
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    University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio hires new grads on L&D, postpartum and high risk OB
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    Did you work med-surg before starting??? Im kind of in the same position as op..
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    Hi iluvpatho, I am starting my first hospital RN job tomorrow in maternity. I graduated in Jan 2012 and my first job as RN was in outpatient pediatric clinic. I never worked medsurg (except clinicals and preceptorship while a student). New grads get hired you just need to show that this is your interest area. While I had 4yrs experience as a child development associate, what drew the nursing director to hire me was that I had taken initiative to take NRP certification as well as a CE class related to maternity. I also had volunteered at another hospital in maternity prior to my first RN job at the peds clinic. The director said they are looking for RNs that will stick around a few years and not jump ship after getting their year of experience to go to another hospital or specialty. If you show that maternity/OB is your main interest and you will stick around for a while after you are hired, the nurse managers/directors have no problem hiring new grads.
  10. by   allene24
    Columbia SC has a TON of new grad L&D positions.
  11. by   DragonflyLady17
    Anyone know what is the starting pay for Maternity nurses in the northeast US? I live in Philadelphia and hope to apply to nearby hospitals starting Jan 2013. Also any tips on getting an interview call would be great thanks. My passion is to be a NICU nurse and later on get my Certified Nurse midwife degree along with WHNP. Thanks so much!