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Bachelors degree in Biology and Nursing

DragonflyLady17's Latest Activity

  1. DragonflyLady17

    NCLEX / HESI Study Guide

    This looks like a great set of notes! Thank you...and I will share this with my classmates also.
  2. DragonflyLady17

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    North West... why kanye? kim? guess the baby will get some direction in life
  3. DragonflyLady17

    All Philly accel bsn programs- info

    I have my Bachelors also and I did look into Jefferson FACT program. I did get accepted but I turned down the offer. In this economy and with my previous loans, I cannot afford the tuition which is close to 40K. Instead, I plan on attending school part time part at LaSalle. It is longer time period but I have no rush. Am content :) Good luck! Upenn does give aid I hear but that is only if you show financial need. Yeah Jefferson would be the cheapest but all are private schools that are the cream of the crop.
  4. DragonflyLady17

    Accepted La Salle ACHIEVE fall 2011s

    I sent in mine also and I called them to make sure they received it. Excited to start in the fall :)
  5. DragonflyLady17

    La Salle ACHIEVE questions

    Did everyone give their 200 deposit in yet? It has to be money order right?
  6. DragonflyLady17

    DePaul's MENP Fall 2011

    Official mail came in today...
  7. DragonflyLady17

    La Salle ACHIEVE questions

    Got my letter on friday...very unexpected...yayyy!
  8. DragonflyLady17

    La Salle ACHIEVE questions

    Thats great. I checked my mail- still no word yet. Anyone know their nursing departments contact number?
  9. DragonflyLady17

    DePaul's MENP Fall 2011

    email received!...letter will come in mail soon...
  10. DragonflyLady17

    Edinboro Innovative

    I did not attend but I did apply for the Fall 2011. I believe we have winter and summer off so Yes like you said it is Fall, Spring and Fall semester. Good luck to you in nursing school. Done in 15 months...gosh that is quick! I am worried about the cold and traveling in the snow. I hear they get alot of snow
  11. DragonflyLady17

    DePaul's MENP Fall 2011

    I got the admitted tab on campus connect - just checked today. I want to view my financial aid but nothing shows up as of yet. That is my biggest concern. How to pay off 60,000 tuition. Loans here I go Anyone else struggling with money issues? I honestly had a 3.2 gpa so I did not have to take the GRE. I did horribly on the GRE anyway so glad they did not ask for it. Seeing others who got accepted- man you guys had high grades and professional background in something medical. They did chose a good batch thats for sure. I think what made me get chosen is probably my essay- personal statement on my future goals. Also the pre- reqs they did ask for to fill out on a separate paper. I did pretty well on those as a final grade. ...I am pretty sure there is a wait list. Every school should have those for students who drop out at the last minute due to financial reasons or another schools acceptance. Best of Luck to everyone...really Don't be discouraged. I know they admit around 60 students out of the usual 200 applicants that apply. That is a huge number of students accepted ...be patient :)
  12. DragonflyLady17

    La Salle ACHIEVE questions

    still no response...I want to know so badly
  13. DragonflyLady17

    DePaul's MENP Fall 2011

    I have that immunization to do tab also. It is due by April 18th. Here is what it says- "Illinois law requires all students born on or after January 1, 1957 and enrolled half-time (Undergraduate: 6 hours, Graduate: 4 hours) or more at a post-secondary institution must provide proof of immunization for the following: Tetanus/Diphtheria (within the last 10 years), two doses of Measles (Rubeola), one dose of Mumps and one dose of Rubella (German Measles)." I do not have any holds since I already completed all my classes and final transcripts were sent in. The tab still says applied students so I am confused still. Anyway- Good Luck everyone!
  14. DragonflyLady17

    La Salle ACHIEVE questions

    I totally know how you feel- running to mailbox. The mail came today but nothing from LaSalle. Ahh the torture
  15. DragonflyLady17

    La Salle ACHIEVE questions

    Did anyone hear back yet from Lasalle? It has been 2 weeks and admissions said they will be sending out letters this week Maybe it will come on Monday. Good luck you guys! I am extremely nervous.