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allene24 has 1 years experience and specializes in L&D.

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  1. allene24

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I have had teenage patients name their baby girl "Nacirema" - American spelled backwards. Also "Jesus Christian Zion" Those were his first and two middle names.
  2. allene24

    Who out there is doing standardized pitocin orders?

    And those are standard order sets! :)
  3. allene24

    Who out there is doing standardized pitocin orders?

    We start pit on almost every patient at 2 mU and increase by 2 every 15 minutes. Some girls get high dose, start at 6, go up by 6 every 20. We can go up to 40 before notifying MD. MD must be on the property (almost all of the MDs have offices/call ...
  4. allene24

    Infant admission at bedside

    At my hospital, once the baby is born-the L&D nurse drys/stimulates, applies armbands, takes the weight, and helps mom initiate breastfeeding if wanted!!. We immediately call Nursery and within the hour, a nursery RN will come over and administe...
  5. allene24

    Help! Need some career advice, two job offers.

    I heard everyone loud and clear. I took the L&D job and feel VERY comfortable and satisfied with this decision. The nurse manager at the PRN job made it sound so wonderful and like such a good experience- it was sucking me in. I am about to st...
  6. allene24

    Help! Need some career advice, two job offers.

    Thank you so much for the advice! Its horrible that new grads are taken such advantage of. I appreciate it!
  7. Hello! I graduated in May 2012 and now I'm a BSN RN. After applying for many many jobs, I was offered two. During nursing school I had an intensive 6 month rotation on L&D unit- I loved this field and even became trained as a doula this summ...
  8. allene24

    Severe anxiety at work

    It is clear that you really WANT to provide the best care possible for your patients, and even though its very difficult and stressful sometimes, you are doing the best you can- and as one poster said- as long as your patient is alive when you leave ...
  9. allene24

    Nursing school discouragement

    Where do you work? Is it a health care related field? Why do you need to tell them anything about school?