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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   robynrn2b
    Halcyon. That was a good one. We had a patient by the name of Cocoa Fudge-swear to god. I wouldent have believed it, had I not seen the insurance card. Sugar Spicer-married name. Stony Hill-went to school with him. Candy O'Kane. Scott Free-my ex husbands friend-hated him so kinda glad he got teased. My grandmas maiden name was Rose Bush. Caprice. That one is kinda cool. A girl at my daughters daycare's name was Morgan.......guess what her last name was?? You guessed it...Morgan. Her husband, "Thought it would be cute."
  2. by   HisHands
    Reviving an old thread, here.

    I used to work at an office at my university. There was a guy named Jason Shaw that had his name legally changed to "Turns to the East".... um... how do you file that one?

    The other name I had to issue transcripts for was one miss Pepsi Cherry. Of course, when it's filed it's under Cherry, Pepsi.

  3. by   weetziebat
    [font=Fixedsys]When I worked in NBICU in New Mexico, we had a lady who was having a C-section. She was listening to the doc talking and later thanked him for giving her an idea for her baby's name, which no one could talk her out of. She named her daughter "Placenta". Poor kid!!
  4. by   kittylvr
    I had a patient with the first name Dorkus, can you imagine how she was teased in school? Poor lady!
  5. by   Stephanie in FL
    I had a female pt named Cinnamon.

    I worked with a nurse named Hyacinth. One day a patient of mine called her Hibiscus.Too funny.

    One of my friends named her son Fox (from the X-files). Another friend named her son Duncan.

  6. by   NurseBunky
    Well we all know what the word demented means right? How about I heard a mother name her son Dementay!!! Things hat make you go hmmmmmmmm?
  7. by   jackleg27
    Quote from Heath82371
    went to hs with a girl named with the last name Serafini, first name Sera, middle name Fini
    Sera Fini Serafini

    My hubby delivered a baby named:

    I have a cousin named:

    Went to hs with another girl named
    Nakia and Zola

    Have a cousin named Rainey and a friend Windy
    What is wrong with Windy? That is my name
  8. by   tylerlvn
    I had a paitent a few weeks ago named Sunshine. She said when she was born her father looked at her and said "she's my sunshine!" so her her mom named her that. I used to work with a girl who named her son Bon after Jon Bon Jovi the rock singer. She would have been kinder with Jon. I have have nephew named Zorn - We all tried to talk my sister out of that one.
  9. by   MarAshJoe
    There was one in our paper with a family who had the last name Rush so they named the baby girl California Gold Rush and after it had "Cali"
  10. by   MarAshJoe
    I also had a girl in my highschool named sunshine (forgot to add that)
  11. by   Stitchie
    My in-laws gave the middle name of "Gerard" to three boys...

    Saw enough "destiny's" and "miracle's" to choke a horse...but what about naming your baby Apple? Gwenith Paltrow named the poor thing after a fruit!

    I couldn't read the whole thread, that may have been mentioned already!
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  12. by   lady_jezebel
    My husband's high school principal in Ohio was named Dick Ball. Honestly.
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  13. by   lady_jezebel
    Quote from kittylvr
    I had a patient with the first name Dorkus, can you imagine how she was teased in school? Poor lady!
    I used to attend school with a Dorkus. She was teased mercilessly.