Male OB nurses?

  1. I'm just curious because I don't think I have ever seen one when I was in the hospital to deliver any of my 3 children or the times I have sat with friends while they had their babies. Is this an extremely rare species?
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    It is a very rare species. I have wanted to work OB for quite a while now but seem to have run into a "gender wall".
    I have worked newborn nursery, post-partum and women's services. yet could not crack the L&D barrier.
    I was told to my face by one OB manager that she "would never have a man work in her L&D", so, rather then press the issue and work where I would be diliked, and possibly worse, I took it up with hospital management. Rather than face a visit from the EEOC, it was decided they would forgive my sign on bonus and I would be free to seek employment elsewhere. Which I did. I moved into emergency nursing soon after that.
    I am now in grad school for FNP, I guess then I will be able to do some OB.
    I can say that almost all patients I had while in No-Mans land were very receptive to me being there. The hardest time I had was when trying to teach some of the younger moms (14-16 y/o) how to breast feed, so I would send in a female or the lactation consultant, of course I could check lochia and the episiotomy on these same pt's without any problem...go figure!
    I would love to work L&D, I love the whole wellness model, and the fact that it is usually a very happy time in the patients life, but I would not work where I would feel that I was not accepted by my fellow nurses. And that is usually where the resistance comes from, nurses, not the patients or their families.

    As usual, the opinions stated are mine alone, and do no reflect the views of management, the owners of theis board, or your broadcast station!

  4. by   shay
    Yes, male L&D nurses do exist, and not just in L&D folklore, either!! Never PERSONALLY worked with one, but at all of the hospitals where I've ever worked, there has been at least one male nurse who worked there 'once upon a time.' There's a male L&D nurse who uses this board, as a matter of's Mark.
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    We have no male nurses, but a friend who does work in a unit that does, professes not to be very happy that they are often mistaken for the docs instead of nurses...Some husbands have problems with it, though this friend tells me most of her patients are just happy to be well taken care of.
  6. by   mark_LD_RN
    Hi there are a few of us but their is more and more of us every day. My patients love so do the husbands. it was diffucult to convince some of the hospitals that males could do this.but since i have been at these 2 particular hospitals i have become the most requested nurse, have been made charge nurse, also am working on becoming a lactation consultant. and am enrolled in CNM program. I love my job! plan on doing it for a long time.any questions please write me i am always glad to talk and help others.

    Hi Shay, glad you rembered my name,
  7. by   shay
    Originally posted by mark_LD_RN
    Hi Shay, glad you rembered my name,
    Well, could I forget it??
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    No lie here: BEST L and D nurse who took care of me 3 years ago was a male military gentle when he checked me, i did not know kind....such bedside manner..and what a professional. HE ROCKED....i say, let 'em on in !!!

    Men, if you are like this guy, PLEASE JOIN US! I would be honored to work with any male nurse who brought such qualities to our unit.

    By the way, His name was Kent and i will never, ever forget his kindness and caring. what a nurse!
  9. by   sandstormsdust
    If there are L/D male doctors... I can't see why there arn't L/D male nurses.....

    In fact i would dare to say that at times - man can be by far more compassionate then a woman in some circumstances.....

    But then again - I can't speak frompersonal experiences.... BUT I AM ALL FOR L/D MALE nurses
  10. by   Andrew_LandD
    But most of us are military nurses.

    I have worked L&D for almost 4 years now, have my RNC in inpatient obstetrics,fetal monitoring certification, and I teach fetal monitoring as well. I am an AWHONN member and actively participate in L&D lectures. Not trying to brag at all, but I just like to let others know that we do L&D as well!

    I have moonlighted as an L&D nurse in a public hospital as well. In the recent nursing shortage alot of hospitals are realizing that gender doesnt hinder knowledge or performance. Sure, when I worked in the public hospital the mens locker room was roughly a 6ft by 6ft room but hey was a place to change in. I think it was an old store room. But two of us male nurses moonlighted at this hospital and we were well received by the female nurses.

    Military hospitals in this aspect are far more advanced than public hospitals. Equal Opportunity is very important. It was common to be on a shift were there where 3 male labor nurses and 2 male corpsmen. (Very much like a tech.) In the 4 years that I have done labor and delivery I have had 1 women ask me if she could have a female nurse. Thats it! So if you are a male, and you have the desire to do L&D, dont let anything stop you. It is truely an amazing aspect of nursing. So many ups and downs, it is a true rollercoaster. Men do have feelings to, and I can relate with women in labor now because I have been in many births and have two kids of my own, with a third coming soon.

  11. by   shay
    DUDE!! WE'VE GOT ANOTHER DUDE IN L&D!!! Welcome Andrew. Glad to see some y-chromosomes doing the nursing in our department.
  12. by   L&D.RN
    I worked with a male L&D nurse in California...he was well received and did an excellent job, his patients loved him. I believe the problem lies with the other RN's at most places, not the patients nor their husbands. (He was well liked by the RN's at that hospital.)

    I wouldn't want to be told not to work a certain area because I'm female! LB
  13. by   mark_LD_RN
    my patients have always liked me.i don't know why but they do. I can only quess they can sense my sincerity and love for for my job. I true enjoy my patients and always try to give them perfect care.
    I have had so many great responses lately it is almost overwhelming. I had a laboring patient last night she had 2 friends that were pregnant and due in a few weeks. the 2 visitors were asking if i could be their nurse when they delivered. one was reqistered at another hospital. she is changing hospitals just to be here and have me for her nurse. I am amazed that patients respond like this to me. they often ask me to take the patients that are diffucult to handle or deal with, and so far i have even gotten along well with them.
    on another occasion,last week I had the mother in law of one of my patients come out to the desk and tell me that my patient was not comfortable with me. I went in the room and found her crying, to tell her i was changing assignments so she could have a female nurse. they patient took my hand asked me please stay her nurse, and told me it was not her that had the problem just her mother in law (who by the way is a nurse). to make a long story short my patient kept me as her nurse,and ended up making the mother in law wait in the waiting room.
    well i really enjoy what i do and can think of nothing else i would every do.
  14. by   biscuit_007
    I am not a L&D nurse so this might be out of place.
    I am a male nurse and have benn told by a female od doc that i was not allowed to take care of her patients because she didn't allow male nurses to care for her patients. Then she had the nerve to tell me not to be offended cause it was nothing personal. Well i was offended and told her so. I also filed a complaint with administration but that went nowhere.

    Ok now i am fired up again! I guess my point is that men in many different situations face a gender wall in nursing.