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I'm just curious because I don't think I have ever seen one when I was in the hospital to deliver any of my 3 children or the times I have sat with friends while they had their babies. Is this an... Read More

  1. by   Andrew_LandD
    Sorry Mark and DayRay, I have been very busy and havent been able to make a post lately. My wife is due soon and I have been taking care of our other 2 lovely kiddos to prevent our history of preterm labor, with that and work. Whoa! But everyone here on this board knows about what we do and our schedules.

    Alright, some interesting reads lately, some biased, some not to sure, and some that have said male OB nurses are the bomb.

    I am a male OB nurse, L&D specifically (I try to stay away from PP. Although LDRPs our in our future.) I have more credentials in Obstetric Nursing than most, but thats not why I am doing L&D nursing. That just soothes my hunger for knowledge. I do L&D nursing because from day 1 of my L&D clinicals in nursing school it is where I knew I wanted to be. Our first day we had a 30 week IUFD, the next day we had 3 deliveries. Never have I had been on such an emotional rollercoaster in my life. Never have I bonded with people, experienced life changing events like that in my life. BAM! I havent asked to do something else ever since. When I see comments like some of the ones above, I have to wonder if some of these nurses are stuck in the 70's or 80's. Of course every women has the right to choose the care they receive but to think that a male cant provide a level of care that a woman can is one of the most absurd things I have heard or read.

    In the Navy, everyone who does any kind of exam is required to have a standb. Its not just men, but women as well. Nurses, midwives and doctors.

    When accepting a pt or admitting one I never ask if it is alright that she have a male nurse. But if a female states that she would rather have a female nurse I always try my best to accomodate. But on nights like this one, (at work) there is 4 males and 1 female. She isnt even a nurse, and is what we call a corpsmen. Sort of like a tech. So on nights like this it would be hard.

    Well, things are changing, you know its not just guys flying fighter jets anymore.

    Take care all!

  2. by   mark_LD_RN
    i also never mention to a patient that i am male they can tell that already. i just introduce my self and ask if i can be there nurse for the night.never had one turn me down yet.

    Andrew good luck with the wife and labor!
  3. by   Andrew_LandD
    Thanks bud! We were in earlier last week at 35 weeks. Ctx's q 2-3. Not changing though. Good thing. Ended up getting 3 doses of terb to calm things down.

    Just have to make it to 36 weeks. I would like to make it to 37. Fingers crossed.

    Anyway, thanks again Mark!

  4. by   mark_LD_RN
    you are going to make it to 37, let me know how things went.
  5. by   hollybear
    i personally think males make better nurses most of the time. the ones i work with have been so calm,kind and caring. I work L&D and travelled a lot have had th opportunity to work with several male L&D nurses and a couple certified nurse midwifes who were male. they were all wonderful, they stayed with the patient and would do anything for them the patients loved them. i had a male nurse with last baby he was great, so gentle i could hardly till when he checked me, always asked permission before doing anything, and if he thought he hurt me he would say how sorry he was. he and my husband got along so well it was great. it inspired my husband to be a nurse. He will be AN L&D nurse soon.
    keep up the good work guys your patients need you,
  6. by   NurseAngie
    originally posted by andrew_landd
    but most of us are military nurses.

    i have worked l&d for almost 4 years now, have my rnc in inpatient obstetrics,fetal monitoring certification, and i teach fetal monitoring as well. i am an awhonn member and actively participate in l&d lectures. not trying to brag at all, but i just like to let others know that we do l&d as well! :d

    i have moonlighted as an l&d nurse in a public hospital as well. in the recent nursing shortage alot of hospitals are realizing that gender doesnt hinder knowledge or performance. sure, when i worked in the public hospital the mens locker room was roughly a 6ft by 6ft room but hey was a place to change in. i think it was an old store room. but two of us male nurses moonlighted at this hospital and we were well received by the female nurses.

    military hospitals in this aspect are far more advanced than public hospitals. equal opportunity is very important. it was common to be on a shift were there where 3 male labor nurses and 2 male corpsmen. (very much like a tech.) in the 4 years that i have done labor and delivery i have had 1 women ask me if she could have a female nurse. thats it! so if you are a male, and you have the desire to do l&d, dont let anything stop you. it is truely an amazing aspect of nursing. so many ups and downs, it is a true rollercoaster. men do have feelings to, and i can relate with women in labor now because i have been in many births and have two kids of my own, with a third coming soon.

    you rock andrew!!!

  7. by   debralynn
    When I was labor with my son 19 years ago I swear the lunch room workers were coming up and giving me pelvics. I think they were standing in line!! And frankly, when I was in the worse part of my labor, I could care less what sex my nurse was. Just get that frickin kid out!!!!LOL
  8. by   hollybear
    husband graduates in 2 weeks and has got him a job offer in L&D! the hospital he precepted at begged him to stay! they just love him. I knew he would win them over. he has such a great sense of humor and easy to get along with. one of the most compassionate men and nurse i have ever seen. i had the opportunity to see my husband during his clinicals in L&D his school did its ob rotation at my hospital. I liked seeing the smile on his face when he was working with and helping patients. this is the happiest i ever seen him
  9. by   mark_LD_RN
    congradulations holly bear i wish hubby all the luck in the world
  10. by   Dink1969
    I don't think it matters male vs female nurse as long as you make their experience one they will never forget. Having a baby is the most important experience in a woman's life and if you make it a good one she will never forget the experience or you.
  11. by   mark_LD_RN
    i agree dink, i always try to make special for them. I treat all my patients how i would want my wife or daughter treated. my motto is" if its not good enough for my wife or daughter than it is not good enough for my patient"

    i seem to make quite an impression as i have had patients yrs later see me and remember me.