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I heard on the news this morning that the Triboro Bridge was shut down because of a woman giving birth on the bridge. Made me wonder--what are some of the most interesting places you've heard of or... Read More

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    OK, I STRONGLY URGE you guys to check this website out. Yes, some of these women are strange. My favorite was at the bottom of the main page, a section entitled, "Orgasmic Childbirth." WHAT!! I know I will offend some people, but the people on that website seem off their rocker. I thought about quoting a post from the Orgasmic section, but I think it is probably against the TOS.
    well not offensive but ummmm yeah i just cant picture it lolol.
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    Had to add this story, its kinda sad but funny too. Two teenage girls driving around town smoking crack One 35 weeks pregnant, finally it gets though the crack that shes in labor. She tells her friend, "hey, I think I'm in labor". The "friend" (who was driving), stops the car, pushes her friend into someones yard, says "you ain't having no F****** baby in my car" AND DRIVES AWAY! The young lady gives birth in a strangers yard, (after a huge storm, BTW, you should have seen the MUD) gathers the baby, cord, and placenta, and walks to the door at something like 2200. Guy recovers enough to call 911 and get a blanket. All I could think is that poor guy, this would shock the HE!! out of me, and I would know what to do!
    Had lots born at home, in car, ambulance, etc. Had a 24 weeker born in route, and last I heard he was doing ok, had to work on that one alot to get him back!
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    Lots of born at homes, a couple in the toilet. One in a car, and the paramedics delivered her there and said, "There'll be pictures of this on the internet tonight. There was a crowd taking pictures with their cell phones!"
    Two saddest, a homeless woman deliveried in a newstand, another in a port- a- potty.
    Giving birth is personal and need not be shared via the internet. Personally, I'd be really pissed if my vagina showed up on the net. Well, if I got reimbursed it'd be okay......joking.

    My college roommate delivered on the toilet. She told her husband she wanted to pee before she left for the hospital. She sat down and the baby slid right out. It was on Jan 1 and was technically the first baby born in the county but since it was a home birth it didn't count.

    I still don't know how they slide out. She made it sound like it was toothpaste coming out of the tube.
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    We had a girl come to the ER that had her baby all wrapped up in a t-shirt. The triage nurse thought the mom was there to be seeb and then she unwrapped the baby and they were like "call OB!!" But the story is the she "didn't know" she was pregnant. Although I didn't see her prego the girl weighed 114 lbs when she was admitted so I'm thinking it'd be hard to not notice. The story she told us was that she went to the bar the night before got drunk, took home "some guy" and then after having sex she said she "had a stomach ache" and just felt "aweful" so she spent the early hours of the morning in the bathroom and then sat on the toilet and out comes this full term baby... And mind you it was her second baby. I often wonder about the little girl and how she's doing now.
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    I tried to give birth into a bed pan with my first child. I felt like I needed to have a bowel movement, so my midwife brought me a bed pain. I squatted on my thighs with my hands on my knees. Then I started pushing away. I am thinking to my self, this is some really big poop, but it felt so good to push I didn't want to stop.

    Two pushes and the baby starts to crowns. Of course this scares me and I don't want to push again. I spent about 30 seconds just touching the top of the baby's head and feeling his hair. My husband finally says "Stop playing with yourself and push the baby out" I start laughing histerically and my laughing pushes the baby's head all the way out. Then my Hubby's inner midwife comes out and he thinks I should lay down. My laughs stopped abruptly and my head swiveled around better than Linda Blairs and I tell him "Sit down and Shut the...... Up". After he was seated, I pushed one more time and my big baby boy was born.

    I fully understand why many babies are born in the bathroom or on the toilet, because you really feel like you have to go.
    OMG I laughed so hard when I read this that I actually have tears streaming down my face. I could totally see my husband also saying "stop playing with yourself and push the baby out". :chuckle
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    A question for you who have had or witnessed home births....and maybe this is silly but I have to ask.

    How are eye gtts & Vitamin K managed? Can midwives obtain them? Or are they even done? I personally think that whole thing gets overdone *just a bit*. I'm sure that my husband and all 10 of his siblings did not get either and they are all just fine. Anyway, anyone who can enlighten me on the subject, I would be grateful. :spin:
    When I went for my comp. visit with the OB, he gave me a PRN prescription for methergine. The pedi I chose called in the scripts for the vitamin K and eye ointment. I gave my daughter the vitamin K but decided against it by the time I had my twins. I had everything ready by 36 weeks.
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    Quote from bethin

    I still don't know how they slide out. She made it sound like it was toothpaste coming out of the tube.
    I do.

    Following giving birth to a 9 Lb. posterior girl (big sister) with a 13hr. labor and 1 1/2 hours of pushing, my 6 Lb. twin 'A' came after only an hour of labor, and only 15 minutes of that was hard labor. I was laying on my bed. I began feeling a tad 'pushy'. You know - that change in your breathing when you start making low grunty noises. I barely felt a fullness. Not really much difference at all.

    I asked hubby is that the baby coming? (thinking I was just being paranoid he would say 'no') To my surprise he said, "yup." He caught his son after only 2 contractions.

    The whole thing was kind of funny really. I was talking him through it - " is the head out? Do you feel a cord around his neck? Is his head turning? - Once his shoulders were out, that was all she wrote.

    Twin 'B' managed to wait for the midwife to arrive. He was a little bit harder to push out. He was a pound larger and had a bigger head circumference - took one more good push than his brother.
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    Did you all hear about the woman who gave birth in her car in a ditch off the freeway?? She was in labor and had no one to take her to the hospital so she decided to take herself. One of her contractions was so bad that she drove her car off into a ditch and that's where she had her baby. It was a long time before anyone even noticed the car.
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    Yea. I heard about it, too. Where did it happen?
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    Yea. I heard about it, too. Where did it happen?
    I don't remember, I read it a baby forum sight.
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    Unassisted births is a beautiful website. Since I was 15, I have been wanting to be an ob nurse. This website has shone me the real beauty of natural childbirth. I love it. Oh and by the way, my aunt gave birth at home putting on makeup trying to get ready and go to the hospital!
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    Interesting places for births (that I've either seen or where I've taken care of the mother and baby right afterwards):

    - Standing up in the shower with the grandmother getting it all on video!
    - In the hospital parking lot as the husband and wife were getting out (at least attempting to) of the car.
    - In the car, on the way to the hospital (Dad eventually had to pull over to the side of the expressway).
    - Coming out of the elevator.

    Fun stuff, I tell ya!