How many staff members attend a delivery??

  1. I work in a very busy L&D, was curious how many staff members attend a delivery in most places. If it is a low risk delivery we only have an Rn at the delivery. Is this typical??
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Same here . . . . one RN and the doc.

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Depends....on staffing usually....

    if we can spare it, we have 2 RN's, one for mom and to circulate the delivery, and one just for the for baby. The Baby's nurse makes sure he/she has all the shots, bath and helps w/the first breastfeeding before she leave the room, unless the floor is extremely busy.

    The circulator cleans up the mess after ward, rinses instruments, restocks the LDRP room, does charges, and of course, recovers mom. It is most efficient this way and both mom and baby get attention in that critical 1st 30-min to 1 hour.

    YES, ONE RN can and does often attend the delivery, but this makes it tough because then that person is trying to both recover mom and baby, initiate BF and clean up the room. I like that only the baby nurse handles the baby while clean-up goes on, for sanitary reasons as well as for BF purposes. More than 90% of our moms do BF in the first 30 minutes after birth. Having that 2nd pair of hands makes it a lot easier to facilitate this.
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  5. by   layna
    2 RN's here
  6. by   LauraF, RN
    The hospital where I delivered my son had 2RN's for the delivery. At the same hospital when my daughter was born at 24 weeks, they dug people out of the wood work I think. There were actually 15 people in there. There was the OB, Pediatrician and the lab person. The other 12 were nurses. When my daughter was life-flighted to the children's hospital after delivery, the children's hospital complimented the hospital more then once on my daughters condition when she arrived at the children's hospital.
  7. by   rn500
    In my past jobs it has always been just 1 or 2 RN's at a vag delivery. I now work in a large unit, and at delivery we typically have:

    1) Mom's nurse
    2) Baby nurse
    3) Patient care tech
    4) Charge nurse, if she can get away
    5) Attending doc
    6) Resident
    7) med student if there is one

    If we MIGHT be expecting any problems, add:

    8) Peds resident

    If we KNOW we are expecting problems, subtract the baby nurse and add two NICU nurses

    This is one reason I REALLY like this job! Now that I am "spoiled", when I occasionally work casual at my old place of employment, where there is one or, if you're lucky, 2 RN's at a delivery, and the RN does ALL the set up, clean up, mop up, baby stuff, etc etc..........

    Well, let's just say I don't miss working that way!
  8. by   imenid37
    2 rn's. ped dr. too if we expect a problem.
  9. by   RN,@yourCervix
    1 Doc, 1 RN, and 1 OB Tech or LPN
  10. by   greyhorse
    For a routine delivery, Doc, two nurses.
    This is a small midwestern hospital 400 deliveries a year.
  11. by   RMH
    1 nurse and the MD..Not counting the patients coach. A couple of years ago we realized that there are times when problems arise and you need help and yelling is just not the answer, so we put a phone next to the isolette. If we expect a problem we try to have a 2nd RN available just for the birth.
  12. by   cometothecradle
    ONE NURSE and if your lucky a doctor
  13. by   puggy
    The doc, the labor hall RN, and an RN from the nursery.
  14. by   mark_LD_RN
    usually 2 rn's but if real busy one RN and either an LPN or a Tech on very rare occasion just one RN