How many are PP nurses? LD nurses?

  1. Just wondering how our group was made many were PP nurses, how many were LD nurses, etc.?

    I'm a mother/baby nurse and I'd love to talk to others both in PP and LD.
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  3. by   nurturing_angel
    We have to work all areas in my unit. So I work alot of labor/delivery but you will also find me working mother/baby some nights. I like it that way. I stay current on different issues and it will be awhile before I burn out.

  4. by   crysobrn
    We do everything where I work too. It's basically on a shift to shift basis. I prob do L&D/antepartum eval half the time and then mother/baby/nursery the other half.
  5. by   richelle362
    I am a postpartum nurse, but will be transferring to L&D in February.
  6. by   q12RN
    I'm LD, PP, and Newborn Nursery
  7. by   rn/writer
    I do postpartum well-mother/well-baby. Love it. Don't want to do L&D. Too much stress.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from rn/writer
    I do postpartum well-mother/well-baby. Love it. Don't want to do L&D. Too much stress.
    I've been out of L&D since July and I'm doing the happy dance

    I worked in a small rural hospital - L&D did PP too . . our PP mom's went on the floor with our regular patients.

  9. by   klone
    FOr the most part, we do all three areas, although I hate nursery and am not usually assigned to it. I'm primarily L&D, although now that I'm 6 months pregnant, I'm finding it more difficult and have been doing more postpartum the last month.
  10. by   dusky1228
    I was postpartum, antepartum, SCN and L&D, as well as peds when I worked at the hospital. Now I work in home care, for all maternal-child health (mom/baby visits, sick children, high risk antepartum, and preemies)
  11. by   LDRNMOMMY
    I worked L&D before our family moved overseas. We did not rotate our PP and nursery were a separate unit. I am not currently working right now, but am hoping to find a job. I would love to work L&D but they do not have any openings right now.
  12. by   cherokeesummer
    Wow! I didn't realize so many places combined everything. That must be very exciting and definately a way to keep your skills up! Our hospital has a seperate L&D, Mother/Baby and Antepartum and NICU. So right now I do mother/baby/newborn nursery. I'm looking forward to learning more and maybe checking out L&D one day. I started my career in a NICU and that was a bit much for me as a new grad, I'm really enjoying my Mother/Baby experience now.
  13. by   richelle362
    The hospital I work in did 10,000 deliveries last year, so we are specialized. For those of you working postpartum, how many couplets do you usually have? We often have seven, sometimes eight.
  14. by   AllisonRN
    Seasons Greetings :Holly2:

    I am a Mother/Baby nurse and have been for one year it! On occasion I do Newborn nursery, but with our unit...the nursery nurse is second on deliveries. I am not comfortable with the deliveries yet so...I always have someone attend deliveries with me. My hope is to learn Antepartum next.

    When I work Mother/Baby...we can have up to 5 couplets.
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